The ugly truth about Chicago IT consultants and vendors

By: Sean K Blair, CTO at MXOtech

You need IT support — or maybe a more complex application to move information through your organization. But if you’re not a technology expert, vetting IT firms is foreign territory. To expose the ugly truth behind IT consultants and vendors, MXOtech interviewed clients and found their past IT projects failed far more than they succeeded. So what causes some IT firms to fail gloriously while others deliver highly functional technology solutions?

Comparing Chicago IT companies: 5 red flags that could cost your business

By: Joanna Sobran – Author, Speaker & CEO/Founder of MXOtech

Technology providers often promise the world, but soon after, users realize those promises aren’t being fulfilled. We don’t want this to happen to you! Which is why MXOtech CEO Joanna Sobran compiled a list of the most commonly made mistakes learned through 12 years in business.

How to keep your employees from leaking confidential information

Back in 2014, Code Spaces was murdered. The company offered tools for source code management, but they didn’t have solid control over sensitive information — including their backups. One cyberattack later, and Code Spaces was out of business. Their killer had used some standard techniques, but the most effective was getting an unwitting Code Space employee to help — likely via a phishing attack.

Top enterprise system integration methods and tools

By: Sean K Blair, CTO at MXOtech

You use connected devices and systems like Alexa, smartwatches and smartphones to perform everyday actions. In the workplace, enterprise systems for accounting, customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning have also become increasingly interconnected.

For Chicago Businesses: The 9-Step Security Checklist to ensure safe, recoverable data

It seems like the news mentions a new cyberattack or cyber threat almost daily, so how could you possibly relax knowing that these innovative and creative hackers are constantly designing new ways to catch you and your data off-guard? A well-designed secure computer network can give you the confidence that “all systems are go,” whether you’re at home or in the office.

What exactly is a business process improvement (BPI) assessment?

A BPI is defined as the strategy a business uses to automate processes in order to contain costs. It consists of integrating applications, restructuring labor resources, and using software applications throughout the organization.

7 “need to know” secrets to choosing the right software

I recently had the honor of being invited to participate on a technology panel of experts in front of a group of 300+ technology companies. Despite teaching best practices learned over 10 years in business, MXOtech knows that the technology industry is constantly changing, and that means there is always more to learn.

The struggle is real: why software solutions often suck

By: Sean Blair, Chief Technology Officer at MXOtech

Business owners, managers, and employees are often frustrated by the software they engage to do their jobs. Do either of these sound familiar? “This expensive accounting program I bought takes me ten times as long as it would with my old process,” or “I bought this system used by everyone in my industry, but it takes me three times as long to use it than my manual process! Plus, it crashes!” If so, you’re not alone.

Redefining healthcare claim analytics

By: Sean Blair, Chief Technology Officer at MXOtech

In healthcare, the claim is central to virtually all parties involved in caring for patients. The claim contains every detail of a patient’s care – the diagnosis, procedure codes, status codes, condition codes, information about how other insurance companies paid the claim, and much more.