Mobile Development Services

Get customized mobile app design and development that is optimized, secure, and user-friendly.

Our expert developers will collaborate with you to create the app you need on time and within budget.

Mobile apps are a huge investment not just in terms of money. Your app is a representation of your business and if customers are unsatisfied, your reputation can take a huge hit! A poorly implemented application will do more harm than good because bad user reviews and low engagement will hit your revenue hard. Avoid this disastrous outcome by working with the mobile design and development team at MXOtech.

Our developers have years of experience creating mobile-optimized apps that are responsive and reliable. We’ll guide you through the entire mobile software development process and deliver an app that meets customer expectations with a beautiful, yet intuitive, UI. Get high customer satisfaction and increased revenue while staying within your budget by working with MXOtech on your mobile app.

Maximizing mobile app impact

At MXOtech, our mobile development services are designed to maximize your impact with a focus on features that matter to end-users and functions that make IT management easy.

Key areas of mobile software development include:

  • Customizability: Effective app design and development depends on customization. Our teams work with your organization to create purpose-built mobile software solutions.
  • Functional design: The best mobile apps combine functionality and form to deliver a seamless end-user experience. Our teams have the expertise to manage both.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: With multiple app ecosystems to manage, our mobile development services include cross-platform compatibility and support.
  • Hardware quality: The right hardware matters. Help ensure your new app supports the widest range of quality hardware possible with customized design and development.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance: Mobile application development services don’t stop with software deployment. That’s why we provide ongoing support to assure performance over time.

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Our mobile app design and development process is optimized to create the best app for you

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Consult with our expert developers to establish expectations and goals for your app.



Review and provide feedback on the preliminary UX/UI and technical architecture.



Our team will implement your design feedback and build your mobile app.



The first build is tested thoroughly to resolve bugs, security exploits, and other issues.



We’ll compile your app and bundle it with the necessary documents before submitting it for App Store and Play Store review.

View Our UX/UI Solutions

Learn how we helped a Chicago food pantry transform their manual auditing process into a web-based auditing app that allows for real-time scheduling and reporting, custom questionnaires and forms, citations and actions based on local and national regulations. Schedule, score, sync, and sign in a secure mobile application.