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Tech Tip #3:

Microsoft Teams usage is on the rise! If your team is new to using Microsoft Teams, we recommend viewing MXOtech's Teams 101 training video.

You should see an invitation to our Teams 201 webinar in your inbox. This 201 session will dive into more advanced features of Microsoft Teams on Tuesday, May 19th at 10:00 AM CST.

Click here to register for Teams 201
Interactive Demo for New Users


Tech Tip #4:

Working Remotely for the first time?

Remote Workforce Checklist

Remote working can be a strain on everyone. For IT support we recommend reminding your team members to provide us with the best number to reach us at.

Here are a few sites to help you stay connected and keep your culture alive:

Ideas to Keep the Connections to Your Colleagues While Working from Home

Tips to Protect Against Coronavirus Hackers.


Tech Tip #5

Is migration to Office 365 worth the cost?

Check out our video comparing and contrasting Office 365 including comparison of box copy vs. online subscription.


Tech of the Month:

Linto Moolayil

Linto is MXOtech's Support Desk Level 3 technician who specializes in user set ups. For over six years, Linto stands as a valued team member. He exemplifies our core value to walk with a purpose.

"We are the doctors of the IT world. My colleagues and I only work to make sure that we diagnose and fix any technology related issues, just as a doctor would a patient. This is what motivates me in what I do. When I resolve a technology related issue for a client, it makes me feel happy knowing that I was able to assist them so that they can get back to work. The happiness that they receive knowing that their issue has been resolved is what inspires me to continue to help clients."

- Linto


Featured in Clutch:

We are honored to have been named by Clutch as top developers of 2020. We continue expanding on our development services and recently added UX/UI Design to fulfill our clients' needs.

MXOtech, Inc. Named 2020’s Top SQL Developer by Clutch


Your Voice:

Your voice is heard at MXOtech! We post and read each and every comment during our weekly meetings as a team. Although we want 100%, we strive to achieve a 95% customer satisfaction score.

Our favorite comment this month comes from Amy B. at Rockwell Partners.

"Major props to Linto and his skills!!!! Thank you so much for all your help."

- Amy B.