Advantages of Outsourcing IT Support

Advantages of Outsourcing IT Support

IT outsourcing helps businesses better manage their software, hardware, and technology infrastructure by shifting some or all these functions to off-site providers.

While companies may choose to keep some key functions in-house, such as those related to critical data management or compliance, the sheer volume and variety of IT operations required for business success makes outsourcing a great option to both reduce complexity and improve overall efficiency.

But what does this mean in practice? Let’s break down six advantages of outsourcing IT — and how MXOtech can help.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services

The business technology use case differs for every company. For example, some need more robust support for infrastructure or mobile devices, while others are looking to boost the efficacy of specific operations. Regardless of the approach, however, there are six broad advantages of outsourcing IT services.

Enhanced Cost Control

First up is enhanced cost control. Here’s why: Instead of paying for software and hardware you may not need, “just in case,” the costs of outsourced IT are directly connected to the services you receive. This lets you know in advance how much you’re going to pay each month for what you’re getting and makes it easy to expand or reduce service offerings to meet budget goals.
In addition, many providers offer flexible IT consulting services to help you find your best-fit framework.

Reduced Security Risks

Advanced security tools and technologies help managed service providers reduce the total risk to organizations. This includes the detection of network attacks and possible data loss, along with backup solutions to help companies get back on track in the event of a fire, flood or power outage. Best-of-breed service providers offer ways to mitigate both physical and digital threats.

Improved Response Times

In-house IT teams often find themselves overwhelmed as they look to balance everyday operations with fielding help requests and handling evolving systems issues.  Outsourced IT services will allow for simultaneous support for your multiple users from a pool of engineers with different levels and areas of expertise. This results in faster response and resolution times.

Increased Visibility

Even small and midsize businesses now struggle with IT complexity. It makes sense since the sheer amount of internal and external data collected can quickly overwhelm IT teams. This complexity, in turn, often leads to a lack of visibility, especially as businesses leverage cloud and mobile services to expand their IT reach. With outsourced IT services, companies can see the big picture of their software and hardware stacks to understand exactly what’s going on, and why.

Expanded Expertise

IT outsourcing also comes with the advantage of industry expertise. Given the current staffing landscape, it's now incredibly challenging for companies to find, hire and retain IT experts. With outsourced providers, meanwhile, you get the benefit of skill and experience without the effort and cost that comes with finding and hiring a full-time employee.

Managed Operations

As IT environments expand, effectively managing operations becomes a significant challenge. With outsourced IT services, you get the benefit of real-time communication and complete documentation to ensure you always know what’s happening on your network, in turn letting in-house teams make better IT decisions.

IT Outsourcing FAQs

Is IT outsourcing all-or-nothing?

 No. If you want to keep a portion of your IT in-house, another alternative is Co-Managed IT. Many reputable IT providers will offer this flexible partnership where they customize a set of ongoing services and software tools specific to the needs of your IT person(s) that fills in the gaps, supports their specific needs, and gives you far superior IT support and services.

What if systems go down?

IT outsourcing relies on what are known as service-level agreements (SLAs) or service-level objectives (SLOs). These agreements detail the responsibilities and/or expectations of both provider and customer, along with information about what happens in the event of system issues or failures. For example, an SLA or SLO might include a target recovery time if issues occur, along with compensation terms if this goal is not met.

Is IT outsourcing secure?

While it’s tempting to think of on-site services as naturally more secure, advancements in both cloud technologies and security tools mean that with the right provider, data and resources are often better protected by outsourced IT providers.

How do I choose an IT outsourcing provider?

When it comes to choosing a support and services provider, start with reputation. What are other companies saying about them online? Do they have testimonials and reviews from other businesses they’ve helped? What are the positives? The negatives?

Next, make sure to ask questions and beware of gray areas in “all-inclusive” service contracts. It’s very common for one IT services provider to appear less expensive than another UNTIL you look closely and fully understand what IS or IS NOT included. Instead of asking, “what do you charge for your services?” you should ask, “what will I get for my money?”. Click here to download an IT Buyer’s Guide that includes a list of questions you should get answered before working with an IT company. <insert this link:>

While money is often a top concern of business owners when it comes to a managed IT service plan, the truth is, outsourcing IT actually reduces costs and is less expensive than an internal IT manager. Here’s how: MSPs specialize in keeping your network safe and running at its most efficient. They invest in tools that can monitor and maintain your systems all day, every day…unlike any one person can. Behind these tools is a team of support staff that can also monitor, and problem solve, in the rare case of an error. Less downtime means your staff is working consistently, and if your employees’ productivity is at its best, that is a huge return on investment.

Finally, look for a provider that seeks to understand your company goals and vision to craft a strategic IT plan that is customized for your business rather than giving you a one-size fits all approach.

The Advantages of Outsourcing IT Support With MXOtech

With MXOtech, you get the advantages of outsourcing IT without the potential drawbacks. Fast response times mean issues get addressed ASAP, while accurate documentation and real-time communication mean you’re always in the loop. What’s more, our Chicago-based IT support includes continual monitoring and regular, preventative maintenance to keep your systems running at full speed.

Take your technology to the next level with IT outsourcing from MXOtech. Let’s talk.