Celebrating collaboration, inspiration, and leadership

Celebrating collaboration, inspiration, and leadership


We recently held our first annual Appreciation Party to show our gratitude for the many people who have supported us over the years. Since we began solving Chicagoland’s IT needs in 2005, we’ve had countless clients, partners, and friends become part of the MXO family. These individuals have been the driving force behind MXO’s growth and we recognized this meaningful impact at our event on Tuesday, October 24, 2017. MXO staff even joined us for the evening, getting the welcomed opportunity to meet the people they serve face-to-face at the modern offices of Fairlife, one of our clients.

The theme of the night was Leading with Passion because without the caring and compassionate guidance of our support circle, MXO wouldn’t have been able to achieve the award-winning status we currently have.

Another of our clients, Barbara Moran-Goodrich of Moran Family of Brands, inspired the group with her story. Not only did she share her experiences of taking over her father’s struggling enterprise and the challenges she overcame, but she reminded us that it takes a team to raise a business. Her tips on what a healthy culture is, how to maintain it, and the process needed to keep up necessary communication were found to be incredibly valuable to our audience of business leaders. Ms. Moran-Goodrich has authored articles on a variety of topics and enjoys public speaking. Read her bio here.

Barb Moran-Goodrich’s 6 powerful tips for creating and sustaining company culture:

  1. Build trust within the team. Be courageous enough to NOT have an ego or hidden agenda.
  2. Minimize conflict. Be direct, have no fear of repercussions, and just saying the truth.
  3. Keep commitment strong. Do what it takes with passion, and be all in.
  4. Establish accountability and an understanding of its importance. Owning a task, delivering on your word and following through will help the team see you as a reliable leader.
  5. Be a positive influence. Achieving your goals and showing results will motivate your group.
  6. Constant and clear communication. Your business processes should be examples of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).

Ms. Moran-Goodrich was inspired by the lessons in Patrick Lencioni’s book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.