Benefits Of Cloud Migration

Outdated servers and legacy systems pose significant challenges for organizations. In best-case scenarios, these older solutions are responsible for reduced efficiency and increased complexity. In worst-case situations, they could lead to security breaches that force unexpected downtime.

What Are The Benefits Of Network Management?

Network management is a critical component of effective IT. As networks rapidly increase in both size and complexity, businesses need reliable and repeatable practices that allow them to discover what’s happening on their network, pinpoint root causes and take targeted action.

Selling Your Business – A View from Both Sides

Seller Joanna Mirov and buyer Christopher Vollmond-Carstens take you behind the scenes for a rare inside look at how a successful MSP acquisition came together.

Many businesses today regard buying a company for access to markets, products, technology, resources, or management talent.

How Can Businesses Use Technology To Reduce Costs?

Technology offers a way to improve, evolve and transform current processes into more efficient and effective practices that let staff focus on doing their jobs instead of managing tech deployments.

Implemented effectively, however, technology deployments also offer another benefit: reduced costs.

Advantages of Outsourcing IT Support

IT outsourcing helps businesses better manage their software, hardware, and technology infrastructure by shifting some or all these functions to off-site providers.

While companies may choose to keep some key functions in-house, such as those related to critical data management or compliance, the sheer volume and variety of IT operations required for business success makes outsourcing a great option to both reduce complexity and improve overall efficiency.

Are Your Smart Devices (Siri, Alexa, Google) Eavesdropping On You?

Have you ever had a conversation about a topic, and then later that day you start seeing news, ads or updates about that subject, and said to yourself, “This can’t be a coincidence”?

Well, you’re probably right.

According to Norton, who you may remember as an antivirus software company and who now also owns LifeLock, your smart devices ARE listening to you because that’s their job.

Make Purchases Online? Here Are 4 Things You (And Your Employees) Need To Do To Keep From Becoming A Prime Target For Cybercriminals

ROI Revolution estimates that e-commerce sales will eclipse $236 billion this holiday season. While that's the most popular time for consumers to purchase online, in 2021 over $2 billion a day was made in online purchases.

Chances are you and your employees make purchases weekly personally and for your business.

Three Things All Remote Employees Must Do Now to Prevent Your Company from Being Hacked

The last few years have seen countless companies going to a hybrid work model. According to a survey by Envoy over 77% of businesses have some full or part-time remote employees.

While this change comes with many benefits, as a business owner, there are three big things you need to make sure your employees are doing to keep your company's data secure, avoid online scams and prevent being a victim of a cyber attack.

What Is HITRUST Certification?

Failure to follow HIPAA regulations comes with significant cost: According to a government agency, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has issued more than $133 million in fines for HIPAA violations.

The challenge? While HIPAA sets out expectations for privacy and security, it offers little in the way of guidance to achieve compliance in these areas.

MXOtech’s VIP Wine and Cyber Client Appreciation Event: An evening full of cybersecurity, wine, and appreciation for our clients

MXOtech had a fantastic turnout for our VIP Wine and Cyber Client Appreciation Event last week. Due to the pandemic, we haven't hosted a client event in a few years, and we have had enough of Zoom! We needed to host an in-person event and allow our clients to network with fellow CEOs and entrepreneurs over a glass of wine.