It's Your Data

Do your employees know how to protect it?

Did you know that cyber criminals are not your #1 threat to your business? Your employees are!

Even good employees make mistakes – deleting files, clicking on phishing emails, or innocently logging into a compromised social media account. Employees often use free and unsecured file-sharing applications to share confidential information, simply because they don’t know any better. With more than 70% of cyber-crimes being committed against SMB’s, teaching your employees how to identify suspicious online activity and training them to protect your sensitive data is critical.

Do your employees know:

  • How to identify phishing emails and websites
  • Not to send PII (SSN, credit card, driver’s license, etc.) in emails
  • How to protect portable media
  • The importance of creating strong passwords
  • Not to share their passwords
  • The dangers of posting PII on social media
  • About the risks of using their personal devices with company data

Common sense, right? Not to most. You’d be surprised how many employees don’t know or practice these simple procedures.

The MXOtech Employee Training Program will help you get your employees trained and educated on how to protect your data. Contact us today to get started or click here to sign up online.

MXOtech takes IT off your plate.

Companies ask us to take over the time consuming management of their IT because they either want to eliminate the burden of having it in-house or they have not found a partner that has the resources, processes or experience to handle their network. Over the last 10 years we’ve been fortunate to work with small to enterprise level firms – protecting their data, preventing downtime, proactively monitoring, automating, and supporting their systems. Technology changes rapidly, and your company needs a mix of various skills and expertise. With MXO, you will have access to our entire team of experts at any time.

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