Managed IT vs. in-house technician: Which option is best for your business?

Businesses utilize various technologies that are critical to their operations. From something as simple as Outlook to a SharePoint collaboration platform to a software that automates payroll, technology permeates every nook and cranny of the workflow that a simple IT glitch can jeopardize productivity and cause business downtime.

7 Signs of an exceptional managed services provider

Managed Services providers (MSPs) are popping up all over Chicago these days, but a lot of them simply don’t measure up. When outsourced IT support is done right, it’s unbelievably valuable for businesses that don’t have the budget or in-house expertise needed to handle their own technology solutions.

7 job functions your Chicago managed IT services company should fill

Is your business struggling to stay ahead of mounting IT demands? Embracing new technology while facing IT talent shortages and budget restraints is a big burden to Chicago businesses.

Your in-house staff might not have the training needed to manage every sector of IT — like cloud computing, cyber security and infrastructure management.

Hiring a Chicago IT outsourcing firm: How to get your time back from IT

By: Steve Feldman, CFO at MXOtech

Are IT functions eating up valuable time and resources? Do you struggle to justify the value of your technology investments?

As Chicago organizations place more focus on technology innovation to stay competitive, finance executives play an increasingly important role.

What onboarding reveals about your Chicago managed services provider

Illinois is home to the fifth most tech businesses of any state, thanks to the rise of cloud computing, big data and information security. Although there’s no shortage of Chicago managed services providers, you have endless comparisons to make.

Unfortunately, decision-makers often overlook the most telling relationship indicator when evaluating packages and prices: the onboarding experience.

The ugly truth about Chicago IT consultants and vendors

By: Sean K Blair, CTO at MXOtech

You need IT support — or maybe a more complex application to move information through your organization. But if you’re not a technology expert, vetting IT firms is foreign territory. To expose the ugly truth behind IT consultants and vendors, MXOtech interviewed clients and found their past IT projects failed far more than they succeeded. So what causes some IT firms to fail gloriously while others deliver highly functional technology solutions?