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As a manufacturer or distributor, your success depends on delivering the right products at the right time, and any kind of downtime is not an option. As a leader in IT solutions for the manufacturing industry, it’s our job to make technology work for you to support and improve your business processes. Whether it's keeping your network up and running to eliminate downtime or implementing the right manufacturing and distribution software to keep your systems talking to one another, your technology needs are our top priority. We will help you leverage technology to propel your operational performance and profitability through IT solutions for manufacturing that drive growth and efficiency.


Why Is Business Intelligence Important for Manufacturers?

Manufacturers know that you can’t build anything without a solid plan. The complexities of modern supply chains, production processes and distribution can be nearly impossible to streamline without sophisticated and robust manufacturing software systems to bridge the gaps.

Luckily, MXOtech is here to provide full IT support for manufacturing companies. This includes business intelligence services to help you get the most out of your operations. We help manufacturers leverage business intelligence to harness the data you have already collected on your systems, and convert them into actionable insights that can inform, or even automate, your business decisions. We supply manufacturing management software that delivers the data you need to make informed decisions for your business.


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Your Business is a Well-Oiled Machine

Our IT services for manufacturing companies conform to you. Not the other way around. We give our clients choice--not a one-size-fits-all technology solution. We listen to your needs and then offer the tools to drive your profits by saving you time to focus on the things that make your business successful.


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We work with your ERP Software

Whether you are operating one warehouse or running a multinational corporation with hundreds or even thousands of distribution points, MXO has the expertise and the scale to successfully support the right system and provide ERP solutions for manufacturing companies. We understand the ERP systems you use to manage your operations.



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“ We have not had a problem that hasn't been addressed immediately. We have not been down at all. MXO contacts our other vendors directly and does not involve us. Everyone feels like we are in good hands. Our in-house ‘IT Person’ can do her real job rather than chase around vendors. We are thrilled. Money well spent. ”

Debra Schreier
Home Carpet One


“ MXOtech definitely lives up to their slogan: 'where IT gets personal.’ We've been extremely pleased with the service MXOtech has provided us. Their knowledge and prompt response to any and all requests and problems is outstanding. On behalf of Dennis Wholesale Foods, we would highly recommend MXOtech to any company looking for the ‘highest level’ of IT Service. ”

Mike Thiakos
Dennis Wholesale Foods


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Focusing On Improving Your Business Processes

In order to grow successfully there must be an EVOLUTION — and at MXOtech, we recognize that technology powers the progression of growth. Our focus is to advance with your operations, so as your business processes evolve so will our technological solutions.

Whether it’s managed IT services or application development — or a combination of both — your technology needs are our top priority. Our experienced team of technology thought leaders, engineers, and software developers represent the best in Chicago and the region, as evidenced by the award-winning performance of our business models and business strategies. MXOtech leverages technology to propel your operational performance and profitability through solutions that drive growth and efficiency.