Web Application Development

Your business needs to work smarter, not harder. You need a way to harness the power of big data, streamline system operations and seamlessly connect with clients. You need to go beyond IT.

Powerful, custom-built web applications form the foundation of this shift. At MXOtech, we’ve earned our reputation as web application development specialists with the skills, experience and infrastructure you need to make sure technology works for you.

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What We Do

No matter your application and IT priorities, we’re here to help. Our web app development services include:

  • Business Intelligence: Do more with your application with our business intelligence services; turn seas of data into actionable, insightful outcomes.
  • Business Process Improvement: What’s working? What isn’t? Our team helps you discover key process improvements with an in-depth look at infrastructure, applications and operations.
  • Business Process Improvement: What’s working? What isn’t? Our team helps you discover key process improvements with an in-depth look at infrastructure, applications and operations.
  • Certified HITRUST Development: If your business handles or stores protected health information (PHI), you need HITRUST CSF compliance. We’re fully certified to create HITRUST-compliant apps.
  • Custom Web App Creation: The right app makes all the difference. We can help identify key business challenges and incorporate unique business processes to deliver fast, flexible and intuitive apps.
  • Healthcare App Development: From NCQA and HITRUST compliance to EMR integrations and complex case management, you need a healthcare app development partner committed to collaboration and compliance. We’re here to help.
  • Systems and Data Integration: Complexity kills agility. Reduce operational frustration with our intelligent systems and data integration services.
  • Mobile App Development: Make the most of your mobile applications with our custom development services. Our experts collaborate with your team to create the agile and adaptable apps you need — on-time and in-budget.
  • UI/UX Design: User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are critical to engage users and keep them coming back. Our UI/UX Design Team can help your business deliver interfaces and experiences that are people- and results-focused to maximize your application impact.

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Industry Benefits

Our core values — walking with purpose, assuming the best intentions, building family spirit and developing a sense of urgency — benefit businesses in any industry.

We’re also uniquely positioned to assist organizations in the healthcare and utilities sectors with secure, responsive and high-performance web application development services.

For healthcare, our expertise in building HITRUST-compliance apps capable of handling complex cases and HEDIS measures allows us to deliver apps that both meet regulatory standards and exceed expectations.

For utilities, our custom-building and systems integration processes can help shift historically insular procedures into secure web environments.

Go Beyond IT With MXOtech

Why outsource your web application development? Because expertise matters. You have the skills and knowledge necessary to grow your business impact by creating strategies, deploying new processes and discovering new markets. We have application experts capable of creating custom software to solve your toughest IT challenges and streamline key operations.

MXOtech is set apart because we’re an IT company focused on people. Our Chicago-based teams come to work every day because they’re committed to delivering top-tier app development for our clients. Our 98% retention rate means we’re living up to expectations. We recognize that building great applications isn’t enough; to earn your trust and deliver on our promises, building relationships comes first.

Discover what makes us different. See what Chicago IT management and custom application development can do for your business with MXOtech.

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