MXOtech’s Business Application Development team is intensely focused on strategic process and application design and development to help our customers get the most out of their technology.

We create efficiencies by leveraging integration technology to connect systems and develop applications to streamline processes.

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MXO Offers Three Core Services

We're experts at solving tough problems

Business Process Improvement Assessment

At MXOtech, a BPI Assessment is a low-cost, week long engagement to propose solutions to make your applications work more effectively for your core business. MXOtech consultants come onsite to interview key staff and review your applications to develop a value-stream map of how possible solutions might provide a higher return on investment of time, workflow, and resourcing. After an extensive analysis, we compose a Roadmap document with recommended approaches, including pros & cons of each. The recommended approach will be followed by a high level plan that can be executed by the client, with another vendor, or with MXOtech.

Focusing On Improving Your Business Processes

In order to grow successfully there must be an EVOLUTION — and at MXOtech, we recognize that technology powers the progression of growth. Our focus is to advance with your operations, so as your business processes evolve so will our technological solutions.

Whether it’s managed IT services or application development — or a combination of both — your technology needs are our top priority. Our experienced team of technology thought leaders, engineers, and software developers represent the best in Chicago and the region, as evidenced by the award-winning performance of our business models and business strategies. MXOtech leverages technology to propel your operational performance and profitability through solutions that drive growth and efficiency.