Connecting good people with great technology.


The strength of the MXOtech brand is one of our greatest assets and it’s taken over ten years to get it to where it is today. It’s been shaped by our employees and the clients we support, from the alignment of our core values to the shared beliefs in the future of technology, employee talent cultivation, career opportunities, and leadership development. This growth has led us to where we are today, as “MXO One,” bringing together our Managed Services and Application Development expertise to form an MSADP (managed service application development provider). This extraordinary service means you will have access to both MXO teams, giving you a total technology suite and the flexibility to leverage our expertise in any given region.

At MXOtech, we all come to work every day because we want to help our clients use technology to grow their business. And we want to do a phenomenal job at it. To be honest, we’re not really satisfied until our clients are bragging about our good work. This attitude has served us well over the years. That’s why we’ve been able to maintain a 98% client retention rate. Not only do we love retaining clients long-term, but we feel it’s important to retain employees who build relationships with our clients and understand their personalities and businesses.

No matter who we’re talking to, our messages and interactions are built around these four core values – Walk with purpose, Assume the best intentions, Family spirit, Let everyone feel your smile and Sense of urgency – that embody how and why we do what we do. We understand that technology can be complicated. That’s why we have engineers and developers who explain everything in simple terms – no geek speak here. Whether you are well-versed in IT or a complete novice, we want you to be empowered, not overwhelmed by technology.

Our Founder and CEO, Joanna Mirov, knows all too well what it’s like to be in unfamiliar territory. You might be surprised to learn that Joanna was born in Poland and didn’t move to the United States until she was 11 years old. She didn’t speak a word of English when she arrived. Similar to how many of our clients feel overwhelmed with technology, Joanna found herself overwhelmed in a new country with a language she didn’t understand. Regardless of these challenges, Joanna had a dream of owning her own business someday and making an impact in others’ lives. You can read more about Joanna’s personal journey here.

As a young professional, Joanna was part of a growing company that was transitioning from typewriters and paper forms to computers and applications. Through this process, she witnessed first-hand the impact technology has on the success of a business, watching the company grow ten-fold as a result. In 2005, Joanna made her dream a reality by opening MXOtech. She decided the best way she could make an impact on others was to teach them what she knew – that by having the right mix of technology and the right strategy to implement it, your team will work smarter, more efficiently, and it will have a direct effect on the growth of your business.

Today, MXOtech supports over 60 clients – monitoring their networks, building and hosting their business applications, managing their security, integrating their systems, and providing them with strategic technology planning. By connecting the focus of our work with our deep commitment to helping our clients grow, we’re able to add a unique and insightful perspective to your business strategy and the technology that will shape your future.

Our solutions work best for clients that have somewhere between 20-200 employees and who rely heavily on technology, especially business applications, to keep themselves running and growing. We have a soft spot for associations and non-profits, manufacturers and distributors, energy and utilities providers, and healthcare organizations. But, we have plenty of clients in other industries as well.

Joanna contributes much of her success to the people that have supported her and encouraged her along the way. In fact, the first client MXO landed was her former boss, marking the beginning of the client referrals we continue to get to this day. Under her leadership, MXOtech has seen consistent growth since its inception and we’ve been recognized as industry leaders by Inc Magazine, MSPmentor, The Channel Company, and others.

At MXOtech, the best part of our day and the biggest part of our brand is YOU – our clients and employees that live our brand each and every day. There’s good reason we’re proud to be part of MXO and we hope that you are excited to be a part of our community as well.