Avoid these risks at all costs when drafting a strategic IT plan

Planning ahead is one of the best things any business owner can do to ensure reliable business growth. It's true for human resources and it's true for technology. But unless you're a seasoned IT expert, keeping up with a constant barrage of updates and changes to the hardware and software solutions you hope to implement is a losing battle.

7 benefits of business process improvement

Are you using dated processes and business practices simply because you’ve always done things that way? If so, you’re not alone. 90% of IT decision-makers say legacy systems hold them back from embracing new technologies and becoming more efficient.

Healthcare process automation tips to cut costs and improve accuracy

Do complex data tasks and growing compliance concerns prevent your organization from elevating the level of healthcare services it offers?

When you’re bogged down by manual procedures, the quality of your services suffers. Healthcare process automation can simplify critical administration tasks and put valuable time back into your day to focus on patient care.

Growing your business with the right Leadership Team!

By: Joanna Sobran – Author, Speaker & CEO/Founder of MXOtech

I’ve always dreamed of owning my own business. My inspiration began as a young girl working for two women who ran a successful company from their basement office, eventually growing to over 100 employees. While I didn’t love the job, I loved watching those ladies dress up in expensive suits and high heels, attend important meetings and create a culture of hard work and friendships. At least, that’s what was important and impressive to me at 19 years old.

How to calculate the ROI of business process improvement analysis

Business process improvement (BPI) is becoming a focal point for more organizations, regardless of size or industry. But overhauling complex business processes is a costly undertaking. How do you prove to management that BPI is a smart business move?

Executives want to see the financial benefits before they pull the trigger on a $150,000 project.

Debunking web application development pricing models

By: Sean K Blair, CTO at MXOtech

Comparing bids for your web application development project isn’t as clear-cut as you would hope. Some IT firms present a fixed cost while others provide you with a much lower project “estimate.” So how do you pair the right price with the right expertise?

I’ve put together this list of the methods IT firms use to estimate development project costs and tips for evaluating each.

What onboarding reveals about your Chicago managed services provider

Illinois is home to the fifth most tech businesses of any state, thanks to the rise of cloud computing, big data and information security. Although there’s no shortage of Chicago managed services providers, you have endless comparisons to make.

Unfortunately, decision-makers often overlook the most telling relationship indicator when evaluating packages and prices: the onboarding experience.

6 reasons to rethink hiring an independent application consultant

By: Sean K Blair, CTO at MXOtech

Every application development project is unique and complex. Hiring an independent application consultant to develop your web application is a cheap option — but one that’s rife with risk. Here are some disadvantages of working with independent IT consultants to spearhead your business application, and how to avoid being duped.

6 ways to vet agile application development firms and avoid project waste

By Sean Blair, CTO at MXOtech

Application development projects are infamous for surpassing project timelines and budgets. But failure isn’t a question of technical acumen. Most IT firms use outdated project management processes that lead to wasted time and money.

How to ensure your web application development company stays on budget

By: Sean K Blair, CTO at MXOtech

Have you worked with a web application development company — only to be let down? Maybe the project went way over budget or surpassed the time estimate. Or worse, the application confused users and didn’t deliver the functionality they needed. Your goal is to produce an application that equips employees with valuable data and removes manual processes. But you also want to stay within your budget and time estimate. So how do you make that happen?