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We help payers and providers automate and optimize their business processes.

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Agile healthcare application development, custom portals, and web hosting

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Scalable healthcare IT support that enables you to keep up within the evolving industry

Business intelligence process automation and decision assistance

The best outcomes begin with integration of the right team

In today’s healthcare system, the best outcomes are achieved with a balance of the best patient care and the right technology partner. We’ve worked in the healthcare industry for over 10 years and understand its complexities, language and culture.

From healthcare EDI, to collaborative workflows, analytics, reporting, and healthcare data management systems MXOtech has the right combination of services in Chicago to keep up within the evolving industry. Plus, we have the capability to host your applications in our secure, HIPAA compliant data center and a local help desk team to provide support.

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Is your current healthcare IT support team unresponsive and causing you downtime?

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We have the right prescription for any condition

Our healthcare technology solutions conform to your needs — not the other way around. We give our clients choice — not one-size-fits-all healthcare IT support. We listen to your needs and then offer the tools to drive your profits by saving you time to focus on the things that make your business successful.


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Web Applications & Portal Development

We know the Healthcare Business

As a full-service healthcare IT company, we understand the issues you face. In addition to supporting and managing your practice’s computer network, you may need software applications for Complex Care Management, HEDIS Data Collection, Value-Based Care (Intensive Medical Home), 837 Compliance, Quality Improvement Initiatives and Encounter Data Management utilizing 837 data set.

For the past 10 years, we have been working with healthcare companies to make them efficient and compliant. We help our clients prepare for upcoming healthcare changes so that they stay ahead of the curve. We proactively recommend healthcare technology solutions for automation or other process improvements to reduce data entry and your current manual, time consuming or inefficient practices. This is achieved with lower financial investment and faster turnaround time than purchasing a new internal system or paying for modifications to off-the-shelf software.

Microsoft BizTalk Service by MXOtech

Healthcare Technology Solution Highlights

  • Robust Multi Payer HIPAA 5010 Claim Reporting Platform to Mine Claim Financial Data, Patient Outcomes and Disease Trending
  • Data Validation Tools to Allow IPA’s to Independently Verify Claim Accuracy
  • EMR / PMR data integration between payer and provider systems
  • Security management for PHI applications and systems
  • Business Process Improvement Analysis to Leverage Technology to Reduce Errors, Improve Efficiencies, Reduce Manual Human Time and Increase Compliance
  • Accountable Care Applications with Patient Tracking & Reporting to Manage Individual Care Outcomes
  • Case Management Application for Collecting Complex Case and Disease Management Information
  • HEDIS and Quality Improvement Smart Forms, Workflows, Tracking & Reporting of Patient Data with HIPAA and NCQA Compliance
  • End-user help desk support and training for applications
  • Healthcare Specific Web Based Applications Built in Collaboration with Customer and MXOtech
  • End-to-end support for your healthcare data management system

Find out how we helped one of the nation’s largest health insurance companies automate claim processing and maximize Medicare and commercial reimbursements.

We are proud to showcase the business applications we have customized and developed for one of the nation's largest health insurance payers.

Thank you for all your hard work in developing our Remedium application. It plays a crucial role in our ability to reconcile and process the large volume of claims from our providers which impact our risk scores and, ultimately, reimbursement.

As you know, a standard healthcare claim contains over 250 fields which must be correctly completed to meet the contract requirements – that’s over 250 opportunities for errors that need to be rectified. Traditionally these errors were identified by reading through the descriptions on the rejection analysis report and then trying to decipher what exactly needed to be corrected. Remedium has revolutionized the old way of doing things with its web-based system that identifies the errors for the end-user and actually points out each error that needs to be corrected. This has allowed for increased efficiency, removes the risk of human error, and accounts for much faster turnaround times, leading to lowered risk scores and better reimbursement.

While there were several other application development companies we could have gone to with this project, we chose to work with MXOtech because we had the utmost confidence in your abilities. Based on our past experience with your team, we knew we could count on MXO to get this job completed on time and on budget with zero fuss.

You exceeded our expectations once again, and we’re thrilled with the Remedium application. It has provided us with relief from the tedious process of claim correction in an easy-to-use system and dramatically improved our auditing capabilities to minimize lost claims – giving us peace of mind that nothing is slipping through the cracks.


Phil Dragovich BlueCross BlueShield Of Illinois

Technology Stack (Microsoft .NET Framework Development)

  • BizTalk Sever
  • MVC and ASP.NET
  • Entity Framework
  • C#
  • SharePoint
  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
Technology Stack - Microsoft .NET Framework Development

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Focusing on improving your Business Processes

In order to grow successfully there must be an EVOLUTION — and at MXOtech, we recognize that technology powers the progression of growth. Our focus is to advance with your operations, so as your business processes evolve so will our technological solutions.

Whether it’s managed healthcare IT support, healthcare application development or an enterprise data warehouse for healthcare, your technology needs are our top priority. Our experienced team of technology thought leaders, engineers, and software developers represent the best healthcare IT company in Chicago and the region, as evidenced by the award-winning performance of our business models and business strategies. MXOtech leverages technology to propel your operational performance and profitability through solutions that drive growth and efficiency.