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Unfortunately, it’s not IF, but WHEN you’ll be hit with a cyberattack. Did you know small businesses are the likeliest targets for hackers? Big-name companies tend to make headlines for IT breaches, but cybercriminals are more likely to exploit security loopholes within small businesses to gain access to larger companies. Small businesses typically lack security patches and controls, and cybercriminals know they can easily penetrate their networks. A cyberattack can be crippling to your Chicago business — but only if you’re ill-prepared. The right cybersecurity company in Chicago can help ensure you’re ready for whatever comes your way.

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Protect your Chicago business with cybersecurity services — the MXOtech way

No one person can reasonably defend against every cyberattack — especially when juggling other IT responsibilities. This is especially true when considering all the threats your business may face. For example, employees may not be sufficiently trained to identify phishing schemes. You may be failing to secure or encrypt all the devices that share your network. Your company may be leaving your servers vulnerable by not implementing access controls on your property. This is why you need a cybersecurity firm with the expertise and experience to deploy system security at scale.

That’s where MXOtech’s Chicago network security solutions experts come in.

MXOtech’s 360-degree approach to cybersecurity will reduce your risk of an attack by implementing safeguards across every facet of your business.


Employee Training

Your biggest security threat is sitting in your office. MXO provides user training so your team can identify suspicious online activity and protect your sensitive data. Click here to learn more about MXO’s Employee Security Training.


Network Security

Secure your network perimeter with managed network security from our cybersecurity firm in Chicago. We protect your network with VPNs, firewalls, vulnerability scans, penetration testing and other advanced cybersecurity measures. Rest easy knowing MXOtech cybersecurity experts are always watching over your network.


Device Management

Giving employees access on the go is critical to business survival. But mobile device policies also put you at risk. MXOtech manages employee devices like smartphones, USB drives, tablets and laptops for you. We identify, track, secure and encrypt all your devices so employees can work securely from anywhere.


Perimeter Security

Physical security is often overlooked — but it’s equally important to overall system security. As a full-service cybersecurity company, our experts can recommend ways to make your office more secure, such as tracking and logging visitors and limiting access with locked doors.


System Security Policies

To promote safe behaviors, you need to document and enforce the right policies. MXOtech helps you create clear and concise written policies for using and disposing sensitive data.


Data Security

Do you have granular control over which users and devices can access certain files? Our network security solutions help put the policies in place to locate data, limit where your sensitive data lives and control access.


Staff Procedures

Does your staff know how to securely dispose of devices, equipment and paper records?
Protection is never 100 percent. But preparedness is everything. MXOtech will help you reduce your risk and ensure if disaster does strike, you can manage it professionally.

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