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Unfortunately, it’s not IF, but WHEN you’ll be hit with a cyber-attack. Did you know small businesses are the likeliest targets for hackers? Big-name companies tend to make headlines for IT breaches, but cyber criminals are more likely to exploit security loopholes within small businesses to gain access to larger companies. Small businesses typically lack security patches and controls, and cyber criminals know they can easily penetrate their networks. A cyber-attack can be crippling to your Chicago business — but only if you’re ill-prepared.

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Protect your Chicago business with cyber security services
— the MXOtech way

No one person can reasonably defend against every cyber attack — especially when juggling other IT responsibilities.

That’s where MXOtech’s Chicago IT security experts come in.

MXOtech’s 360-degree approach to cyber security will reduce your risk of an attack by implementing safeguards across every facet of your business.


Employee Training

Your biggest security threat is sitting in your office. MXO provides user training so your team can identify suspicious online activity and protect your sensitive data. Click here to learn more about MXO’s Employee Security Training.


Network Security

Secure your network perimeter with managed network security from MXOtech. We protect your network with VPNs, firewalls, vulnerability scans, penetration testing and other advanced cyber security measures. Rest easy knowing MXOtech is always watching over your network.


Device Management

Giving employees access on the go is critical to business survival. But mobile device policies also put you at risk. MXOtech manages employee devices like smartphones, USB drives, tablets and laptops for you. We identify, track, secure and encrypt all your devices so employees can work securely from anywhere.


Perimeter Security

Physical security is often overlooked — but it’s equally important to network security. MXOtech’s security experts recommend ways to make your office more secure, such as tracking and logging visitors and limiting access with locked doors.


Security Policies

To promote safe behaviors, you need to document and enforce the right policies. MXOtech helps you create clear and concise written policies for using and disposing sensitive data.


Data Security

Do you have granular control over which users and devices can access certain files? MXOtech puts the policies in place to locate data, limit where your sensitive data lives and control access.


Staff Procedures

Does your staff know how to securely dispose of devices, equipment and paper records?
Protection is never 100 percent. But preparedness is everything. MXOtech will help you reduce your risk and ensure if disaster does strike, you can manage it professionally.

What other clients say about our Chicago cyber security services



GI Energy is a leading player in the clean energy and sustainability space based out of Chicago, but operating across the US. Our IT needs are simple on the face of it, but when looked at more closely they are both critical to our operations and crucial to our growth. Running four offices, with over 30 people, with staff often working simultaneously on documents, plus new employees coming on the whole time and with highly sensitive material that needs protecting securely - we are reliant on great IT.

Joanna Sobran and her amazing team at MXOtech have built us a bespoke solution that has allowed us to operate seamlessly. The support team is available 24 hours a day and they always go the extra distance. Our recent office move was handled with utmost efficiency and we never lost an hour of on line time. As CEO I don't want to think about IT other than to know it is in capable hands. And my CFO, wants to know that we are getting value for our investment and that security of data is beyond doubt. We are both smiling.

GI Energy



As a non-profit we rely heavily on grants to complete our work and achieve our mission. Therefore, it’s crucial that we stay compliant to continue to receive the funds that support our organization. MXOtech has played a very important role in keeping us up-to-date. Your Compliance team has been amazing to work with and is an invaluable asset. Their responsiveness, knowledge, and patience with our organization is phenomenal – especially when we reached out with a short timeline to complete the work and limited resources. Looking towards the future, our organization will benefit significantly from working with MXOtech, knowing customer support, service and responsiveness is a priority. Thank you very much for your time, effort and all of the information you provide to us. I can’t tell you how helpful it is.

Women’s Business Development Center


Providing peace of mind to a nonprofit by increasing IT security and improving efficiencies

The Women’s Business and Development Center (WBDC) is the oldest, largest, most comprehensive, and successful women’s business assistance center in the United States. They provide services and programs that support and accelerate women's business ownership and strengthen their impact on the economy. When the WBDC suffered from a major internet outage, preventing them from using critical core business applications, phones and email, they turned to MXOtech for help.

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About hiring an honest, competent, responsive and fairly priced IT company.


The report explains everything you need to know about taking the first step to procuring assistance with your IT maintenance.

These 21 questions should be top of mind as you evaluate IT services firms.

It's essential reading before you settle on a technology company to put your faith in.

Cyber Security Assessment

Get a full inspection of your IT systems. Our network assessment will uncover security vulnerabilities, test your backups and diagnose ongoing network issues that could lead to slow systems and costly downtime.

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