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We build solutions and solve business technology problems around data management and collaboration, NCQA compliance, HEDIS measures, Complex Case Management, Quality Improvement, Utilization Management, and EMR integrations for data collection.


Custom healthcare app development that accomplishes your business goals

At MXOtech, we provide custom healthcare software development to help healthcare businesses. Projects and tools we’ve developed for various departments nationwide include:

  • Quality Improvement Projects (multiple program measures)
  • HEDIS Measures
  • Data Aggregation
  • Complex Case Management
  • Condition Management
  • Medicare-Medicaid document management
  • Utilization Management Audit Tool
    • Most of our applications and e-forms have self-service capability allowing the clinical superuser to make changes on the fly without paying high development costs and waiting for changes to be done by a third party
  • Data warehousing, maintenance & support

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HEDIS & Quality Measurement

HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) is a tool used to compare healthcare plans against medical performance benchmarks. Healthcare insurance providers use this to see how well their plans address certain health issues compared to their competitors. This allows them to improve their current plan’s offerings to enhance competitiveness and attract more customers. Likewise, customers can also use this tool to compare healthcare plans and choose one that best fits their needs.


Clearly defined measures

Customers and insurance providers can use HEDIS to compare plans point-by-point and choose the right one for them


Audited by NCQA

Data collected using HEDIS is checked by certified auditors using a stringent process devised by NCQA to ensure validity


Yearly updates

HEDIS measures are revised annually to ensure results stay applicable to current medical needs

To ease this process, MXOTech has customized healthcare web application development that allows healthcare insurance companies to effortlessly compare their plans against others and stay updated with the latest HEDIS measures.

We have also developed a chart processing system that will catalog, store and provide an API for charts to be retrieved and viewed on the portal so that the chart can be shown with the HEDIS form. If you’d like one for your company, contact us today.


Healthcare Software Development Services

Healthcare Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Integration

Does your healthcare organization experience costly data-entry mistakes as a result of time-consuming, manual processes?

Improve quality across your healthcare organization by leveraging data from healthcare EMR and the Electronic data Interchange (EDI).

An integration with provider EMR systems will streamline the process of obtaining critical patient care information and dramatically reduce the manual data entry burden on staff, both at the medical group and insurer level.


Healthcare Portals

MXOtech provides web portal and medical software development solutions for healthcare insurers, clearinghouses, hospital systems, and accountable care and provider organizations.

Our custom solutions cover complex case management, HEDIS measures, patient and provider transactions, and management of EDI transactions and document management.


Collaborative Workflows


Patient and Provider Engagement


Web Portal Security


Business-Driven Analytics

Why Work With MXOtech?

As a top healthcare web application development company, our seasoned developers, engineers, project managers and analysts are the best in Chicago, and work together with you to design healthcare programs that best fit your needs, delivering them on time and within budget.

We collaborate with your team and keep you up-to-date throughout the process so the finished app meets your expectations. This allows you to test key functionalities and provide feedback during the development stage.

We eliminate healthcare organization’s business challenges by evaluating your operations and creating a custom app that boosts work productivity and cost savings.

We build scalable, intuitive medical-related apps that align with your goals and support your business growth.

We gain a firm grasp of the workflow processes involved in your company, primarily through our Business Process Improvement analysis, as a foundation before any healthcare mobile app development recommendations.

Our HITRUST CSF certification helps ensure that your custom web applications exceed the healthcare industry’s complex data privacy and security regulations.

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While there were several other application development companies we could have gone with, we chose to work with MXOtech because we had the utmost confidence in your abilities. Based on our past experience with your team, we knew we could count on MXO to get this job completed on time and on budget with zero fuss.

Long-Time MXOtech Healthcare Client


Improving Efficiency for a Health Care Insurer Through Creation of a Custom Web Portal

MXOtech was hired by one of the nation’s largest health insurance companies to provide a solution for improving the way patient information is stored and communicated to the independent practices the company works with.

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Provide Optimum Healthcare Service with Custom App Development

Healthcare businesses need technology to provide best-in-class service. As a leading healthcare application development company, our service is customized to grow with your organization and enhance your business processes, so you always operate efficiently.

We do this by forming a team of experienced software developers and technology leaders that prioritize your needs and create apps that help you reach your potential.

The combination of our award-winning healthcare app development services and first-rate Chicago-based team drives your business growth and profitability.