Strategic Technology Planning In Chicago

We know that technology spending consumes a major part of your budget.
Our strategic technology planners will fill a critical need in your organization by helping you plan for your future, prioritize, and guide your technology investments.

Strategic information system planning is critical. The only way to meet the current and future technology needs of your organization is to have a comprehensive roadmap that reviews where your need is now and accurately forecasts what you will need in the future over a multi-year timeline. The wrong IT infrastructure roadmap (or worse, not having one at all!) can have a negative effect on your sales and operational goals—main drivers of your business.

So, how do you develop and keep such a strategic technology plan current?

By retaining a team like MXOtech with information technology strategic planning expertise in multiple subjects ranging from applications, to security, to cloud hosting, and network management who can give you the competitive advantage your business needs to set you apart from the “me too” company.

The following components may be included in your custom engagement:

  • Strategic Planning and Technology Roadmap Design. We bring strategic expertise, thought leadership and planning to align your organization’s goals and IT strategy. Tools such as technology roadmaps and business process improvement assessments show measureable metrics such as a reduction in IT spend, increase of employee productivity and efficiency.
  • IT Budget Development and Management. We will develop and manage a budget that respects the current needs of your organization while balancing spend on future improvements.
  • IT Vendor Sourcing and Management. We incorporate a holistic approach to vendor sourcing, selection and management to optimize productivity and financial value from 3rd party relationships or applications.
  • IT Contract Negotiations and Management. MXOtech utilizes our experience in software and hardware contract negotiations to ensure maximum value from your vendors, partner and systems.
  • Business Continuity Planning. The Business Continuity Planning component identifies exposure to internal and external threats and synthesizes hard and soft assets to provide effective prevention and recovery for your organization, while maintaining competitive advantage and value system integrity.
  • Internal and External Organization Stakeholder Engagement. Your MXOtech Technical Account Manager or Client Experience Manager act as the focal point for managing relationships from the IT organization to senior-level management plus public engagement, if required.
  • IT Policy Development and Review. Our compliance team will work with your organization and develop IT policies to protect your business.
  • Line of Business Applications. Our business application development team has the expertise to evaluate third-party applications, work-flows and processes to determine the best value of your technology. We make sure that your applications are working for you and that you are not working for your applications.

Whether it is an internal CIO or virtual CIO such as MXOtech, it’s crucial that you have someone who is accountable for the technological direction of your organization and one that is proactively providing advice and counsel of where you should be headed. Contact MXOtech to learn more about how we can help you develop a Strategic IT Roadmap for your organization.

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MXOtech takes IT off your plate.

Companies ask us to take over the time consuming management of their IT because they either want to eliminate the burden of having it in-house or they have not found a partner that has the resources, processes or experience to handle their network. Over the last 10 years we’ve been fortunate to work with small to enterprise level firms – protecting their data, preventing downtime, proactively monitoring, automating, and supporting their systems. Technology changes rapidly, and your company needs a mix of various skills and expertise. With MXO, you will have access to our entire team of strategic planning system experts at any time.