User Experience and Interface Design

Designing great user experiences for web and mobile applications

Our User Experience and Interaction Design Team is dedicated to a smooth, iterative process using Agile Methodology and Design Thinking. MXOtech is people-focused, results-focused and is centered around adaptive planning, self-organization, and short delivery times.



The critical first step in any project kick-off is to define the vision. We work with your key stakeholders to identify their goals, discover their pain points, and understand their needs.



Our MXO team will generate mood boards and review user journeys and tasks to establish what functions are necessary to achieve your vision. With this information, we construct written requirements of how the solution will work.



This is a very collaborative phase of creating wireframes and assembling the technical architecture. Wireframes are a key element in identifying the workflows without making decisions on aesthetics. Once wireframes are approved by project owners and stakeholders, interactive prototypes are created. These prototypes are essential to understanding the true functionality before development can begin.



Usability testing and feedback are crucial to achieving both UX and UI success. This process solidifies that the MXO team has created a successful experience for all personas. We perform user and group testing, feedback interviews, and online surveys, as well as to Quality Assurance, regression, and visual QA.



Google Analytics, Power BI and Tableau are just a few of the tools that MXO uses to help identify data points such as bounce and conversion rates, top page views, search entries, and duration of site visits. Using this data, we can better identify how to make the application even more user-friendly.

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Benefits of Focusing on the User Experience


Increased Productivity and Savings


Employee and Customer Satisfaction


Reduced Risk




Business Agility


Technology Integration

Learn How to Improve Your User Experience with Our Assessment

An employee might express frustration with manually pulling and entering data into different systems. But the real business inefficiency might extend beyond that person.

So how do you know which area of your business presents the biggest opportunity for process improvement and cost savings?

Our assessment validates your operational pains and lays out all potential solutions so you can choose the right path for your business. By partnering with a third-party technology partner, you get an objective understanding of business processes, technologies and deficiencies.

At MXOtech, we call it a Business Process Experience Assessment (BPX), which is a low-cost way for companies to confidently understand where to invest in technology and reduce costs.

Our BPX Assessment includes:

Onsite audit: MXOtech consultants come onsite to interview key staff and extensively review your procedures and technology. We learn your business — just as any new employee would — to understand your problems from an unbiased perspective.

Return on investment analysis: After auditing your processes, our technology experts develop a value-stream map. This document outlines ways to extract higher ROI of time, workflow and resources from your technology solutions.

BPX roadmap: After an extensive analysis, we compose a Roadmap document with recommended solutions, including the pros and cons of each. From there, we develop a plan that is yours to execute in-house, with another vendor, or using MXOtech.

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