What is a test automation framework?

A test automation framework is a set of rules, guidelines, and tools for testing software products under development. It helps quality assurance teams improve both their productivity and user experiences. With a well-documented framework, organizations can test new software deployments more thoroughly, mitigate human error, and save time using automation.

How technology integration can help your business flourish

Modern businesses rely on various technologies to keep their companies up and running. Today, most of them need an internet connection and multiple apps and software to help their staff get things done.

At first glance, all the different technologies you use may seem unrelated to one another — after all, the software your accounting department uses is different from what your research and development team has and so on.

Continuous integration and continuous delivery in web application development

From client information management to automated billing and accounting, businesses turn to custom web applications to solve the problems that cause bottlenecks in their workflows. Companies invest a lot of time and money to have developers build such bespoke apps, so it can be utterly frustrating to find out that critical functions don't work upon deploying the apps into the real world.

What is test driven development and what does it mean for your business?

By Sean Blair,
CTO at MXOtech

The only way for a business to survive in a world dictated by fast-changing technology is to evolve with it. A business must learn to improve its existing technology to remain competitive. How can this be done? We can learn a thing or two from the principle of test driven development (TDD).

What is TDD?
TDD is a software development process that takes small steps instead of rolling out big changes at once.

Benefits of custom web applications for your business

Using web applications for your business has several advantages. For example, these make both real-time collaboration and hassle-free data recovery possible. There are hundreds of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software you can integrate into your workflows, from automating data entry to enhancing team collaboration.

5 Signs that you need a custom web application

Data is power. When your company data is utilized to its full potential, it can reveal patterns in consumer behavior that will help you make the right marketing, sales, and customer service decisions. In order to use your data to the fullest, you might need custom web applications.

How much should you pay for web app development?

Web apps are often the easiest and most efficient way to keep customers connected and engaged. And thanks to cloud technology, people no longer need to deal with bulky downloads, software installations, and the compatibility issues that come with them.

What are the benefits of Agile web app development?

Traditionally, software design has used a Waterfall method. This process requires the development team to gather all information on the project application upfront, including requirements, desired functionalities and internal processes. The project manager designs the project roadmap.

Debunking web application development pricing models

By: Sean K Blair, CTO at MXOtech

Comparing bids for your web application development project isn’t as clear-cut as you would hope. Some IT firms present a fixed cost while others provide you with a much lower project “estimate.” So how do you pair the right price with the right expertise?

I’ve put together this list of the methods IT firms use to estimate development project costs and tips for evaluating each.

6 reasons to rethink hiring an independent application consultant

By: Sean K Blair, CTO at MXOtech

Every application development project is unique and complex. Hiring an independent application consultant to develop your web application is a cheap option — but one that’s rife with risk. Here are some disadvantages of working with independent IT consultants to spearhead your business application, and how to avoid being duped.