MXOtech Achieves Blue Diamond Partner Status with Datto

Chicago, Illinois, October 25, 2021 – MXOtech has achieved exclusive Blue Diamond partner status with Datto, the leading global provider of cloud-based software and technology solutions purpose-built for delivery by managed service providers (MSPs). Datto Blue Diamond status represents the top 2 percent of the company’s partners, worldwide.

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MXOtech earns additional Supplier Diversity certification

MXOtech is proud to announce we have added the Illinois Business Enterprise Program (BEP) certification to our credentials. The Business Enterprise Program assists businesses owned by minorities, women and people with disabilities, to gain access to the State of Illinois procurement process. BEP certification with the State of Illinois can also open the door to opportunities with other public and private entities who are looking for diverse suppliers.

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Debunking web application development pricing models

Comparing bids for your web application development project isn’t as clear-cut as you would hope. Some IT firms present a fixed cost while others provide you with a much lower project “estimate.” So how do you pair the right price with the right expertise?

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7 job functions your Chicago managed IT services company should fill

Your in-house staff might not have the training needed to manage every sector of IT — like cloud computing, cyber security and infrastructure management. Instead of staffing a full-time IT department or relying on your limited team to cover every area, consider hiring a local Chicago managed IT services company.

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How to build a web app that accomplishes your business goals

When ready-made software or desktop applications don’t offer the functionality you need, custom web applications provide a more flexible and versatile solution.But a web app project can quickly deplete your budget and resources if you aren’t heavily involved in the development process. Only 16.2% of software development projects are completed on time and on budget — often because the technical requirements drive the project, instead of the business goals.

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How to calculate the ROI of business process improvement

Business process improvement (BPI) is becoming a focal point for more organizations, regardless of size or industry. But overhauling complex business processes is a costly undertaking. How do you prove to management that BPI is a smart business move?

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Enforce these 6 Password Policy Requirements to thwart cyber threats

Your organization can take every precaution to prevent against a cyberattack — firewalls, anti-virus, anti-malware, spam filter, etc. But your biggest liability isn’t lurking in the cyber shadows: they’re sitting in your office. And failing to enforce employee password policy requirements could put your company data
at risk.

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6 reasons to rethink hiring an independent application consultant

Every application development project is unique and complex. Hiring an independent application consultant to develop your web application is a cheap option — but one that’s rife with risk. Here are some disadvantages of working with independent IT consultants to spearhead your business application, and how to avoid being duped.

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6 ways to vet agile application development firms and avoid project waste

When developing a critical business application, you can’t afford to waste thousands of dollars on a failed project. To dramatically reduce your risk of failure, you must understand where old software development models fall short — and how to identify truly agile development firms.

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The Ugly Truth About IT Consultants and Vendors

You need IT support — or maybe a more complex application to move information through your organization. But if you’re not a technology expert, vetting IT firms is foreign territory. To expose the ugly truth behind IT consultants and vendors, MXOtech interviewed clients and found their past IT projects failed far more than they succeeded. So what causes some IT firms to fail gloriously while others deliver highly functional technology solutions?

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How to Ensure Your Web Application Development Company Stays on Budget

Have you worked with a web application development company — only to be let down? Maybe the project went way over budget or surpassed the time estimate. Or worse, the application confused users and didn’t deliver the functionality they needed. Your goal is to produce an application that equips employees with valuable data and removes manual processes. But you also want to stay within your budget and time estimate. So how do you make that happen?

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How to avoid selecting the wrong IT company: 5 Red Flags that could cost your business thousands of dollars

“All too often, new technology providers promise the world and set high expectations during the sales process. But soon after, users erupt with complaints and ultimately, the decision to go with that company is labeled a failure. In most cases, companies use the wrong selection criteria which leads to missed goals and a mediocre, under-delivered service. In order to help you avoid the loss incurred by investing in the wrong technology company, I’ve compiled a list of the most commonly made mistakes learned through my 12 years in business.” – Joanna Mirov, CEO and Founder of MXOtech

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Top Enterprise System Integration Methods and Tools

You use connected devices and systems like Alexa, smartwatches and smartphones to perform everyday actions. In the workplace, enterprise systems for accounting, customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning have also become increasingly interconnected. Known as Enterprise System Integration, connecting enterprise systems maximizes the value of each solution to your organization.

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7 tips for avoiding data loss in Office 365

Microsoft understands the value of your business’s data and the costly repercussions of losing it. That’s why they’ve released a slew of security and compliance tools for Office 365 subscribers. But given the increasing sophistication and frequency of data breaches, Office 365 cloud security solutions won’t be enough to protect your files. You’ll need to follow these seven security tips to truly avoid data loss in Office 365.

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Amazon’s Alexa devices as extension phones

Amazon is using its Alexa technology to ensure success at its second attempt at internet-based telephony. The company’s newly released patent details a phone system that will use the voice-controlled technology of their Alexa-powered devices to make and receive calls. Here’s everything we know so far.

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Get industry tips and updates in the Quarter 2 Issue of our MXO Breaking Tech Newsletter

This issue includes an offer from our CEO Joanna: just email us for a complimentary copy of Darren Hardy’s book The Compound Effect and learn how to jumpstart your income, life and success. This newsletter also has information on how to handle enterprise system integrations — a challenge almost every business encounters at least once, especially as they expand.



Microsoft Partner Philanthropy Spotlight: MXOtech

The story of how Joanna and MXOtech is empowering global talent and success for companies through a passion for technology and their community.

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Which Flavor of the Cloud is Right for You?

Secure data backup, greater reliability, better resource and growth management options, and improved collaboration are just a few of the reasons to take full advantage of cloud computing today.



Missing Just One Of These Could Instantly Open Up Your Computer Network To A Cyber Attack

Welcome to the brave new world of cyber-warfare.
Gone are the days when software patches were just for nifty little feature add-ons or updates. Today, a software update notice could mean your whole computer network is suddenly at risk. Dangers include data theft, crippling malware attacks and mischief you may not discover for months, or even years.



How You Answer The Phone Could Help You Win That Big Sale

Have you ever studied all the ways your customers interact with your company and verified that each of those touchpoints are truly a “wow” experience? This optic has been a key factor in our growth so we decided to make this the front page article.



Your Medical Records Are For Sale on the Internet

“Why is the FBI here to see me?” you are wondering when you are told that there are two Special Agents in your waiting area. They come into your office, you close the door, and their first words are, “We have discovered that all of your patient records are for sale on the Internet.”



The Reality of an Entrepreneur and Their Pursuit of Freedom

I recently had the privilege of meeting with Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O’Leary, from Shark Tank. Shark Tank is the #1 show in America. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, it’s where entrepreneurs come to pitch their business to a panel of investors to take them to the next level.



Customers Expect More

In today’s market, as in none before, it is crucial that we learn selling savvy. The sales environment has changed radically in four distinct ways:



Encryption is Key to HIPAA Compliance

There have been about 125,000 breaches of HIPAA data in the last few years, and 60 percent of them could have been prevented by encryption



8 Ways to Boost Employee Productivity and Morale with Business-Grade File Sync

The rapid adoption of consumer-grade file sync services in the workplace is one of the greatest security risks for businesses today.



7 Tips To Protect Your Business From Cyber Crime

Cyber criminals, hackers, and viruses…oh my!
Follow these tips to ensure your business is protected.



Business Mobility Is Going Mainstream

The workforce of today relies on mobility more than any other time in history. The business benefit is clear: mobility is helping organizations improve productivity, decrease costs, increase revenue, improve service and ultimately gain a competitive advantage.



Let It Go

21 things that we need to learn to “let go” of or stop doing in our day-to-day lives.



MXO Office Move Checklist

Need some help getting ready for your move?
Our Checklist will help to make your office move painless and stress–free by guaranteeing you don’t forget any of the details.



Reduce Your Risk of a Data Breach

The CEO of Target was finally let go for the massive credit card breach that occurred in 2013. Not because he neglected to implement a security plan or facilitate good technology. In fact, Target had both in place. The failure was in neglecting to pay attention to the fancy monitoring software and in turning off important features of their expensive security system.



Choosing The Right Line Of Business Application To Enhance Your Company

With businesses of all sizes becoming more dependent on IT to operate, service their clients, communicate and market, CEOs must take a much more strategic approach to technology to stay competitive – and safe.



Why Use SharePoint

As you know from reading our previous articles, there are numerous benefits and efficiencies you can achieve by utilizing SharePoint. Still unconvinced? Let’s discuss why SharePoint is such an asset to your business.



Benefits of SharePoint

As you know from reading our previous article, SharePoint is a web-based intranet that can help improve your organization’s effectiveness by streamlining the management of data, storage of data, and access to data. Now let’s review how these features are beneficial to your business.



What Is SharePoint

SharePoint is a web-based intranet that can help improve your organization’s effectiveness by streamlining the management of data, storage of data, and all access to data.


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