Are you protected from a data breach?

Think cybercriminals only target big companies? Think again.
More than 75% of data breaches target small and medium sized businesses.

Cyber security is no longer relinquished to the tech industry. With cybercriminals targeting enterprise corporations and SMB’s alike, it is now front page news. A cyber-attack on a business can be crippling, resulting in detrimental costs to both finances and reputation. And its expansive reach makes it an overwhelming concept for many companies.

MXOtech’s 360 degree approach to security will reduce your risk of an attack by implementing safeguards in every facet of your business.

  • Your Employees – the #1 threat to your cyber security. Teaching them how to identify suspicious online activity and training them to protect your sensitive data. Click here to learn more about MXO’s Employee Security Training
  • Your Network. Protecting your network with VPN’s, firewalls, vulnerability scans, penetration testing, etc.
  • Your Devices. Identifying, tracking, and securing (encrypting) your employee’s devices – smartphones, USB drives, tablets and laptops.
  • Your Physical Space. Recommending how to make your office more secure, such as tracking and logging visitors and limiting access with locked doors.
  • Your Policies. Helping you to create clear and concise written policies on the use of and disposal of sensitive data.
  • Your Data. Locating, understanding, and limiting where all of your sensitive data resides.
  • Your Procedures. Implementing proper procedures to dispose of any devices, equipment, and paper records.

Protection is never 100%. But preparedness is everything. MXOtech will help you to reduce your risk and ensure if disaster does strike, you can manage it professionally.

Providing Peace-Of-Mind To A Non-Profit by Increasing Security and Improving Efficiencies

The Women’s Business and Development Center (WBDC) is the oldest, largest, most comprehensive, and successful women’s business assistance center in the United States. They provide services and programs that support and accelerate women's business ownership and strengthen their impact on the economy. When the WBDC suffered from a major internet outage, preventing them from using critical core business applications, phones and e-mail they turned to MXOtech for help

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As a non-profit we rely heavily on grants to complete our work and achieve our mission. Therefore, it’s crucial that we stay compliant to continue to receive the funds that support our organization. MXOtech has played a very important role in keeping us up-to-date. Your Compliance team has been amazing to work with and is an invaluable asset. Their responsiveness, knowledge, and patience with our organization is phenomenal – especially when we reached out with a short timeline to complete the work and limited resources. Looking towards the future, our organization will benefit significantly from working with MXOtech, knowing customer support, service and responsiveness is a priority. Thank you very much for your time, effort and all of the information you provide to us. I can’t tell you how helpful it is.

Women's Business Development Center

MXOtech takes IT off your plate.

Companies ask us to take over the time consuming management of their IT because they either want to eliminate the burden of having it in-house or they have not found a partner that has the resources, processes or experience to handle their network. Over the last 10 years we’ve been fortunate to work with small to enterprise level firms – protecting their data, preventing downtime, proactively monitoring, automating, and supporting their systems. Technology changes rapidly, and your company needs a mix of various skills and expertise. With MXO, you will have access to our entire team of experts at any time.

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