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Take Control of Your Technology with MXO's Managed IT Services

At MXOtech, IT is our only job. We focus on preventing IT problems — so you can relax and stop worrying about when the next shoe will drop. When all your IT systems work like a well-oiled machine, you enjoy greater efficiency and productivity.

Do you experience these IT issues?

  • Slow computers
  • Difficulty accessing files or printing documents when you need them most
  • Endless computer problems that your IT support company can’t seem to resolve
  • Playing telephone with your IT support company and re-explaining issues
  • Unpredictable systems outages
  • Lackluster network performance, despite constantly throwing money at it
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Managed Computer IT Services — The MXO Way

You need proactive network maintenance to avoid slow performance, system crashes, and other problems that cause downtime and expensive repairs.

MXOtech monitors your systems and performs regular preventative maintenance to keep your systems running smoothly.

With our managed IT services plans, you benefit from:


Fast Response Time

Need to contact IT support? We always answer your calls live, respond to all support requests within one hour or less and fix problems quickly and competently. Most computer issues can be resolved remotely without the need for an onsite visit. (But if we do have to come onsite, we love seeing our customers in person, too.)


IT Fixed Right The First Time

Time is money. That's why our engineers take the time to thoroughly address IT issues the first time they occur.


Predictable IT Costs

Pay one fixed monthly rate to keep all IT systems running smoothly. When you know your costs in advance, budgeting IT expenses is easy. We offer flexible managed services plans to meet your needs and budget.


Real-Time Communication

The best IT support staff translate computer issues to business speak. We explain everything in a language you understand and invite your input and questions.


Accurate Documentation

It's your network; you should always have the keys to the kingdom. Our IT support staff document every change we make and deliver detailed network documentation so you're always in control.


We Mitigate Your IT Security Risks

Safeguard your IT systems from data loss, hackers, viruses, fires, floods, power outages and other disasters. Our advanced managed security services take physical and virtual threats out of the equation.

Managed IT Services Customer Reviews



We have not had a problem that hasn't been addressed immediately. We have not been down at all. MXO contacts our other vendors directly and does not involve us. Everyone feels like we are in good hands. Our in-house "IT Person", can do her real job rather than chase around vendors. We are thrilled. Money well spent.

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I only realized after MXOtech started handling all of our IT needs why our law firm suffered from so many IT issues. Now that the team at MXOtech is handling our IT needs our systems run flawlessly. There is never a moment where I cannot get my questions answered and even when a minor issue arises, the MXOtech team is only an email or phone call way. I highly recommend MXOtech to any law firm or any business for that matter. Their service and knowledge is second to none.

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MXOtech takes IT off your plate.

IT management is time-consuming and costly. Eliminate the expense of in-house team with outsourced IT support services from MXOtech.

We’ve worked with hundreds of small to enterprise-level firms – protecting their data, preventing downtime, proactively monitoring, automating, and supporting their systems.

Technology changes rapidly, and your company needs a mix of skills and expertise. With MXO, you always have direct access to our entire team of IT experts.

You have a vision for your business. But you also need the technical roadmap to get you there. Our managed IT services align your business goals and IT systems to take you where you want to go.


Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Protect your data with the safest backup method available today. Our continuous disk-based backup technology, Safe-Keeping®, identifies your exposure to internal and external threats, prevents data loss and guarantees successful data recovery.


Cloud & Hosting Services

Cloud computing makes managing your network a breeze. Your servers, software programs and applications are externally hosted and accessible online — so your business can scale with ease. MXOtech offers custom cloud solutions for email, collaboration, virtualization and more.


Network Management

Proactive network management helps you avoid IT issues and power productivity. MXOtech provides a real-time view of your network, 24/7 monitoring, automated troubleshooting and other network services to keep your business running smoothly.


IT Security Services

You need an IT security expert on your side to reduce cyber threats across your network, devices, policies and data. MXOtech offers leading IT security services to confidently protect your IT systems. And if disaster does strike, you’ll have the processes in place to handle it professionally and soften the blow.


Strategic Technology Planning

Technology can energize or impede your business growth. Strategic technology planning from MXOtech helps you streamline business processes and become an industry leader. Our IT experts design and implement technologies that help drive your long-term business goals and reduce growing pains.

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