On-Demand Webinars

How to Achieve Your Technology Business Goals Without Wasting Money

MXOtech is excited to lead a webinar designed to help your business finally get its technology in order and meet your goals on time and on budget. During this webinar, you will discover Why project management matters, selecting the best framework for your project, what you need to have in place for success, client and staff retention, risk management, and an easy-to-understand project management solution.

This webinar is for business leaders who want to implement new technology for their business to help them work smarter, more efficiently, and even to stand out from their competition. We can practically guarantee you’re not aware of these simple, yet effective strategies which will drastically reduce your costs, reduce manual time, and avoid headaches!

In previous webinars, our Director of Support Services, Will Orellana, taught you how to chat, host meetings, create channels, share files, and truly integrate all the lesser-known, complex features of Teams. In this Teams 301 Webinar, we take it a step further! During this webinar, you will discover how to Build customizations that allow you to work more efficiently with your team, communicate using various, channels to better organize your department and projects, host more productive webinars, meetings, and calls, boost company morale by creating an employee recognition program, and create polls and surveys for customer and employee feedback.