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Dear Colleague,

When I started MXOtech in 2005, I knew we had to be different. We needed to do extraordinary things for clients if we were going to stand out in the over-crowded field of outsourced IT.

The courage to leave my corporate job came from my belief that if we honed in on what frustrated businesses most about technology and did things right the first time, without excuses, we would be successful. I needed to know what irked clients most about IT, and then take the stress of managing technology off their plates.

It’s been more than a decade, and I still love this career as if it were day one. I have met many amazing business leaders that have started successful companies or lead thriving departments in large corporations. I’m often struck by one main thing they all have in common: an intense focus on not stagnating.

Problems with productivity, mounting backlog, or legacy technology that can’t keep pace with evolving demands are instances that effective leaders don’t tolerate. When these issues arise it’s most often because technology falls out of sync with strategy. It can happen to the strongest of organizations because the reality is that most organizations have yet to simplify the business processes that are imperative to their success. Technology is the one area that you can’t afford to let stagnate. This is where I’ve focused MXOtech on making a difference.

Many outsourced IT firms offer similar services. The MXO distinction is that we are focused on your IT from start to evolution—there is no finish line for us because technology is ever changing. Our Managed IT Services teams offer help desk support, business continuity planning, IT consulting, and cloud solutions for example. And our application development team builds custom software programs designed for how your business works to help increase efficiency with automation or to address gaps in work flow—the possibilities are endless!

Your investments in technology should give your business a competitive advantage—not a migraine. Stop deferring invention and getting sidetracked by the priority of the day. Our people have perfected what makes MXOtech different. We embrace your technology to remove any obstacles to progress and making a positive difference for your company.



Joanna Mirov, CEO and Founder of MXOtech




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