MXOtech Takes Healthcare Solutions to the Next Level with New HITRUST Certification

Many successful small businesses have one thing in common — the ability to see the big picture, envision what their success will look like tomorrow, and invest in it today.

At MXOtech, a boutique, women-owned IT solutions firm specializing in custom healthcare development solutions, this is definitely the case.

Overview of Healthcare EDI and Data Integration Challenges

The great efficiency that we enjoy (or bemoan for some!) in our 21st century life is that information can flow at the speed of light as bit and bytes of data. It seems that what we enter and click on here shortly thereafter ends up in a delivery package there.

Go the extra mile in patient care with EHR

More than being just another HIPAA requirement, electronic health records (EHRs) are integral components of a sophisticated healthcare system that, when used intelligently, will give patients the best possible medical experience.

Each record in your EHR database is vital, as it contains a wealth of information about a patient’s medical history, including their blood type, their allergy triggers, and the notes of their last attending physician.

How much should you pay for web app development?

Web apps are often the easiest and most efficient way to keep customers connected and engaged. And thanks to cloud technology, people no longer need to deal with bulky downloads, software installations, and the compatibility issues that come with them.

The high cost of manual data entry in healthcare – and how to reduce risk

In healthcare, even the smallest data entry error can have devastating consequences.

Despite the advances in automation technology, providers still fill out an average of 20,000 forms each year.

Inefficiencies like these run rampant across healthcare organizations, leading to hefty administrative costs.