Business Process Improvement

Most businesses have the same concern - how will they achieve their business growth goals?

The number one reason they may NOT is because of operational inefficiencies.

Our Business Process Improvement solution is an in-depth look inside your organization to uncover inefficiencies and find solutions to optimize operations, reduce manual labor and save money.

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What is Business Process Improvement?

Have your critical business processes or technologies gone untouched?

As your business evolves, it’s easy to get stuck in the status quo. Employees rely on spreadsheets to track and manage core business data, and information flows as it always has. Without restructuring workflows and introducing software solutions, your organization could be bleeding time and resources.

Business process improvement solutions locate and remedy inefficiencies across the organization to streamline operations.

Based on the concept of business process automation, process improvement has been used across industries since the industrial revolution. But the objectives and benefits of business process improvement are more relevant now than ever.

Our business process services eliminate waste and free your team to focus on initiatives that drive business value. Instead of reacting to employee and customer pain points, business process improvement gets to the root of process or system deficiencies and identifies the most cost-effective solutions.


Find out if your organization is a good candidate for a BPI Assessment:

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Benefits of Business Process Improvement


Increased Productivity and Savings


Employee and Customer Satisfaction


Reduced Risk




Business Agility


Technology Integration

The Goals of Business Process Improvement

Your business faces a unique set of challenges. Business process improvement aims to restructure workflows, integrate existing systems or introduce new solutions to solve your business inefficiencies.

Successful business process improvement starts with defining your objectives.

You might hope to recoup employee hours, reduce errors, consolidate costly technology or expedite time to market.

For most business process improvement projects, reducing costs is the main objective. Documenting clear business objectives will help you quantify the return of your investment.

At the core of process improvement are these objectives:


Eliminate Time-Consuming Manual


Connect Disparate But Related
Business Systems


Improve the Customer Experience


Save on Labor Costs


Integrate Systems or Applications


Restructure Labor Resources

Some business process improvement solutions include:

  • Data or systems integration
  • Custom web applications or portals
  • Process mapping and optimization
  • Commercially available software applications

Focus your Process Improvement Efforts with a BPI Assessment

An employee might express frustration with manually pulling and entering data into different systems. But the real business inefficiency might extend beyond that person.

So how do you know which area of your business presents the biggest opportunity for process improvement and cost savings?

A business process improvement assessment validates your operational pains and lays out all potential solutions so you can choose the right path for your business. By partnering with a third-party technology partner, you get an objective understanding of business processes, technologies and deficiencies.

At MXOtech, our business process improvement assessment is a low-cost way for companies to confidently understand where to invest in technology and reduce costs.

Our business process improvement process includes:

Onsite audit: MXOtech consultants come onsite to interview key staff and extensively review your procedures and technology. We learn your business — just as any new employee would — to understand your problems from an unbiased perspective.

Return on investment analysis: After auditing your processes, our technology experts develop a value-stream map. This document outlines ways to extract higher ROI of time, workflow and resources from your technology solutions.

BPI roadmap: After an extensive analysis, we compose a Roadmap document with recommended solutions, including the pros and cons of each. From there, we develop a plan that’s yours to execute in-house, with another vendor or using MXOtech.

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Low risk investment yields high rewards

Engaging in a BPI with MXOtech was a low-risk investment that turned out to save us at least $330,000 in manual staff time in a 3-year period. We discovered that there were, in fact, A LOT of inefficiencies and wasted time – especially with our budget tool.

Donald Steadman
Owner & President for All-Tech Decorating


Business Process Improvement Assessment at All-Tech Decorating: Analysis of Technology and Process Efficiencies

All-Tech Decorating is a commercial painting, specialty coatings, and floor coatings provider based in Romeoville, Illinois. Among their service offerings, All-Tech Decorating specializes in painting high-rises in cities like Chicago.

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