Managed IT vs. in-house technician: Which option is best for your business?

Businesses utilize various technologies that are critical to their operations. From something as simple as Outlook to a SharePoint collaboration platform to a software that automates payroll, technology permeates every nook and cranny of the workflow that a simple IT glitch can jeopardize productivity and cause business downtime.

5 business benefits of workflow automation

Sci-fi enterprises like Star Wars and The Terminator may be responsible for the association of the popular imagination of automation to images of sentient robots and androids taking over people's jobs. In reality, however, automation is something more subtle than the images these worlds portray.

3 Signs you need to move your business to the cloud

Businesses will continue to move to the cloud in droves for years to come. And while many businesses have begun taken their first steps, some are still unsure whether or not they should invest more. It’s always good to weigh your options before deciding to integrate new technology into your business, but it is also unwise to wait too long before making a decision.

Go the extra mile in patient care with EHR

More than being just another HIPAA requirement, electronic health records (EHRs) are integral components of a sophisticated healthcare system that, when used intelligently, will give patients the best possible medical experience.

Each record in your EHR database is vital, as it contains a wealth of information about a patient’s medical history, including their blood type, their allergy triggers, and the notes of their last attending physician.

How to pick a disaster recovery plan that aligns with your business needs

Businesses in Chicago might be safer from natural disasters than those in coastal areas, but data breaches and other man-made catastrophes are just as big a risk in the Windy City as they are in any other part of the country. Last year, the number of cybersecurity attacks that crippled businesses all over the world made 2017 one of the worst on record.

Avoid these risks at all costs when drafting a strategic IT plan

Planning ahead is one of the best things any business owner can do to ensure reliable business growth. It's true for human resources and it's true for technology. But unless you're a seasoned IT expert, keeping up with a constant barrage of updates and changes to the hardware and software solutions you hope to implement is a losing battle.

5 Signs that you need a custom web application

Data is power. When your company data is utilized to its full potential, it can reveal patterns in consumer behavior that will help you make the right marketing, sales, and customer service decisions. In order to use your data to the fullest, you might need custom web applications.

How much should you pay for web app development?

Web apps are often the easiest and most efficient way to keep customers connected and engaged. And thanks to cloud technology, people no longer need to deal with bulky downloads, software installations, and the compatibility issues that come with them.

Why data integration is the first step towards smarter business decisions

Digital activities generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. As consumers and businesses alike become more reliant on technology, information becomes more complex and diverse. Even small companies have terabytes of data at their disposal, generated by Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, social media, and other online resources.

MXOtech’s Client Appreciation and Summer Social Event: A fun-filled evening of supporters, partners and appreciation for all

MXOtech had an amazing turn out for our second annual Client Appreciation and Summer Social event at City Winery on August 2nd. Clients old and new, as well as supporters and business partners, came together last Thursday evening to mingle, share stories and connect with other Chicagoland business leaders.