Best practices for a successful security awareness training program

Film and television perpetuate the idea of one high-profile hacker getting through a company’s cybersecurity and stealing confidential data, but most data breaches aren’t that exciting: more often than not, the culprit is closer to home.

In the 2018 study by the Ponemon Institute, 61% of the respondents pinned the cause of data breach to a negligent employee (an alarming 112.9% increase from 2017). A properly researched and well-executed security awareness training can help lower the risks of data breaches caused by internal factors.

Continuous integration and continuous delivery in web application development

From client information management to automated billing and accounting, businesses turn to custom web applications to solve the problems that cause bottlenecks in their workflows. Companies invest a lot of time and money to have developers build such bespoke apps, so it can be utterly frustrating to find out that critical functions don't work upon deploying the apps into the real world.

Disaster recovery statistics business owners need to know

All businesses hold confidential client data and information that will fetch a hefty sum on the black market, so no industry is completely safe from financially-motivated cyber attacks. For example, the health industry is full of valuable data like Social Security numbers, and as per Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report, data breaches affected one in four healthcare organizations.

What is test driven development and what does it mean for your business?

By Sean Blair,
CTO at MXOtech

The only way for a business to survive in a world dictated by fast-changing technology is to evolve with it. A business must learn to improve its existing technology to remain competitive. How can this be done? We can learn a thing or two from the principle of test driven development (TDD).

What is TDD?
TDD is a software development process that takes small steps instead of rolling out big changes at once.

How to Create a Customer-Obsessed Culture

by Joanna Mirov

One of my favorite people is Nido Qubein. For those of you who don’t know, he’s a businessman, motivational speaker, and the President of High Point University in High Point, North Carolina. Nido places extreme importance on providing his students and their families with extraordinary experiences.

MXOtech Takes Healthcare Solutions to the Next Level with New HITRUST Certification

Many successful small businesses have one thing in common — the ability to see the big picture, envision what their success will look like tomorrow, and invest in it today.

At MXOtech, a boutique, women-owned IT solutions firm specializing in custom healthcare development solutions, this is definitely the case.

Overview of Healthcare EDI and Data Integration Challenges

The great efficiency that we enjoy (or bemoan for some!) in our 21st century life is that information can flow at the speed of light as bit and bytes of data. It seems that what we enter and click on here shortly thereafter ends up in a delivery package there.

How to plan a reliable backup strategy for your business

Unexpected events test the strength and resilience of your enterprise. When disaster strikes, how can you ensure that business continues as usual?

In the event of security breaches or natural disasters that could disrupt your day-to-day operations, all small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) should have a reliable disaster and backup recovery plan (DRP). How can you design an effective backup strategy?

Benefits of custom web applications for your business

Using web applications for your business has several advantages. For example, these make both real-time collaboration and hassle-free data recovery possible. There are hundreds of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software you can integrate into your workflows, from automating data entry to enhancing team collaboration.

Creating an engaging cybersecurity training program

Implementing a cybersecurity training program may not be at the top of your to-do list right now, but it should be. Just before 2018 ended, a cyberattack paralyzed the operations of major newspapers in the country, including that of The Chicago Tribune.