What Is HITRUST Certification?

Failure to follow HIPAA regulations comes with significant cost: According to a government agency, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has issued more than $133 million in fines for HIPAA violations.

The challenge? While HIPAA sets out expectations for privacy and security, it offers little in the way of guidance to achieve compliance in these areas.

8 Advantages Of Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) is more than a buzzword. Implemented effectively, businesses can leverage intelligence frameworks to reduce redundancy, deliver insight and drive better decision-making.

So, what exactly is BI, and what are the operational benefits of business intelligence? Read on to learn the answer.

7 Benefits Of Cybersecurity For Businesses

Discussions about cybersecurity often focus on how effective defense can help limit the impact of attacks once cybercriminals have breached your network. Although this is a critical aspect of effective security, the advantages of cybersecurity extend beyond better reactions to help companies proactively protect digital assets from potential attacks.

6 Benefits of a Disaster Recovery Plan

Failure happens, even when businesses take all the right steps and make all the right moves to reduce disaster risk. From power grid failures to massive weather events to Internet service provider (ISP) problems, failure is always an option. Despite the risk, however, only 54 percent of organizations have a disaster plan in place, and just 23 percent regularly test these plans.

8 Benefits Of Good User Experience Design

Having a great product or service isn’t enough to see success online. If your website or mobile application is cumbersome, confusing and difficult to navigate, customers will take their business elsewhere.

This isn’t a theoretical observation: Recent survey data found that 90 percent of potential customers won’t return to sites that deliver poor user experience (UX) and 70 percent of online businesses fail by not meeting user expectations.

MSP Onboarding Process: A Checklist For What To Expect

Adoption of managed IT services is on the rise as businesses look for ways to navigate increasingly complex digital environments without sacrificing speed or performance.

Data makes it clear that managed service providers (MSPs) are making inroads.

Healthcare Mobile App Development Strategies

The mobile application market is rapidly maturing in healthcare. It makes sense: Patients and physicians with access to mobile healthcare applications are more satisfied with the care they give and receive, respectively. Mobile access has significantly reduced the rate of “no shows” by making it easier for patients to connect with caregivers and easier for staff to access key health information.

What Is A Disaster Recovery Plan?

When it comes to IT disasters, it’s a matter of when — not if. While the cause varies — from power outages to provider problems to on-site hardware failure — every business eventually comes face to face with disaster.

Robust response to disasters offers better ROI than prevention.

The Benefits of System Integration for Businesses

Pandemic pressures have pushed many companies into unfamiliar territory. From accelerating IT expansion to embracing the need for always-on, always-connected solutions that let employees work anytime, anywhere, businesses have been called on to evolve operations at a breakneck pace.

The advantages of cloud hosting

We’ve all heard of the cloud. But how can your organization benefit from cloud computing?

“The times they are a changin’,” sang Bob Dylan. Those words ring true now more than ever. With the evolution of social media and online member communities, organizations of all types are under increased pressure to be transparent and perform.