The high cost of manual data entry in healthcare – and how to reduce risk

In healthcare, even the smallest data entry error can have devastating consequences.

Despite the advances in automation technology, providers still fill out an average of 20,000 forms each year.

Inefficiencies like these run rampant across healthcare organizations, leading to hefty administrative costs.

How to calculate the ROI of business process improvement analysis

Business process improvement (BPI) is becoming a focal point for more organizations, regardless of size or industry. But overhauling complex business processes is a costly undertaking. How do you prove to management that BPI is a smart business move?

Executives want to see the financial benefits before they pull the trigger on a $150,000 project.

How to build a web app that accomplishes your business goals

Building a web application can solve workflow issues that waste valuable employee hours.

When ready-made software or desktop applications don’t offer the functionality you need, custom web applications provide a more flexible and versatile solution.