Stop wasting time searching for documents!
A visionary new approach to managing information is here

44% say not being able to find a document or file they’re looking for happens on a weekly basis

2/3 say they find different versions of documents and files in different systems and locations

End the frustration!
MXOtech’s Document Management Solution offers:

  • Everything in one place, accessible anywhere
  • Mobile Scan
  • Office Integration
  • Roll-back to previous versions of a document
  • Scanning and OCR
  • Sharing, co-authoring, e-signing, and collaboration of documents
  • Automated Workflows

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Find and access content based on what it is,
not where it's saved

The Intelligent Metadata Layer (IML) unifies information across systems like shared network folders, SharePoint, OpenText, Documentum, Box, Dropbox and more.

MXOtech's Enterprise Information Management solution provides enterprise-level tools to manage and control business content. It helps you:

  • Find, access and manage information residing within any system without disturbing existing systems or processes, and the users that depend on them
  • Access and edit a project plan in network folders, view agreements in SharePoint or see everything related to a customer in Salesforce without having to migrate anything


Experience true Enterprise Search to find documents and information across all of your systems immediately - even on your mobile device.

85% said it would make their job easier if they could quickly find and access the most current version of a document without having to worry about which system or repository it resides in.

For any business struggling with the proliferation of disconnected information silos, this tool represents the next generation of intelligent information management.

Unlike traditional ECM systems, this tool empowers organizations to discover and unlock the value of their information without disturbing existing systems and processes or requiring data migration.


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