How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Mobile Apps

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Mobile Apps

Small businesses face an operational paradox: While consumers place the same expectations on small to medium size businesses and enterprises for service, speed and supply, smaller-scale organizations typically lack the staff and spending resources necessary to compete with their corporate counterparts.

Custom-built mobile applications can help bridge the gap. Equipped with responsive and reliable apps, small businesses can empower customer-friendly frameworks that make it possible to deliver enterprise-level consumer experiences — without enterprise-level expenses.

Here’s how MXOtech can help.

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Mobile Apps

It’s no exaggeration to say that mobile rules the digital world — 51% of time spent online in the United States is now on mobile devices, and mobile app engagement outpaces that of desktop web viewing. Mobile apps are also distinct from their mobile website counterparts; while the latter improves the ability of users to search for products and services on their preferred device, the former makes it possible to establish two-way, ongoing interaction with customers.

Let’s break down some of the biggest benefits of mobile apps for small businesses:

  • On-demand interaction: Mobile applications empower two-way interaction between small to medium size businesses and customers. With users’ permission, companies can “push” notifications of sales events, promotions or new products directly to consumer devices, while interactive chat options can help customers connect with your company anytime, anywhere.

This speaks to expectations customers now have for any business, big or small: They’re not interested in waiting days or weeks for a response to an inquiry or customer service concern. If on-demand interaction isn’t possible, they’ll simply take their business somewhere else.

  • Enhanced customer engagement: While mobile and desktop websites require users to deliberately click through from emails or search for specific products and services, mobile apps keep engagement front and center on user devices. Well-designed apps that offer value-added functionality can earn their way onto users’ smartphone or tablet home screens, naturally boosting overall engagement.
  • Personalized marketing programs: Customers expect that companies will remember recent transactions and personalize marketing efforts based on their preferences. Mobile apps offer the ideal platform for this kind of detail-oriented delivery, especially when paired with critical customer information gleaned from approved smartphone data collection.

From location information to web usage statistics and previous purchase data, companies that can earn consumers’ trust with consistent service delivery and personal data protection now can develop highly personalized mobile marketing programs.

  • Improved consumer loyalty: The use of loyalty programs — such as rewards points or discounts delivered through your mobile app — can keep customers coming back to your brand and encourage them to positively position your SMB when talking to friends or family members, further growing your potential customer base. Add referral discounts or coupon codes and it’s possible to grow your organic reach.
  • Increased sales conversion: When it comes to the advantages of mobile apps for business, increased sales conversion is one of the most critical. The value here is significant — 79% of smartphone users have made at least one purchase via branded mobile apps.

This makes effective mobile apps imperative to capture consumer spend: Convenient shopping experiences driven by contextual search, personalized product display and streamlined checkout processes can drive sustained sales success.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

While it’s possible to create your mobile application from scratch, this process isn’t easy, fast or cheap. Outsourcing your mobile app design and deployment to an experienced developer — such as MXOtech — can help your business get the app you need, on time and on budget.

Advantages of the MXOtech app development framework include:

  • Collaboration: Our experts work with your staff to identify your ideal timeline and budget and to deliver exactly what we promise.
  • Customization: Realizing the benefits of having an app for your business requires an app that reflects your business brand, vision and mission. We work with your organization to deliver purpose-built mobile software solutions.
  • Combination: Form and function are critical to drive customer engagement and interaction. Our teams have the expertise and experience to deliver seamless, end-to-end mobile app operations.
  • Compatibility: If your app is limited to one platform or development ecosystem, your potential reach is limited. Development services from MXOtech always include cross-platform compatibility and support.
  • Consistency: Consistent hardware support is critical to better ensure your app works on the widest possible range of devices. Our customized design and development process helps you cast the broadest net possible.
  • Continual support: Apps aren’t fire-and-forget. That’s why we provide ongoing support, so your app delivers reliable performance over time.

There’s no mistaking the benefits of mobile apps for business — no matter your market niche, company size or current customer base. Ready to boost engagement, improve loyalty and drive increased sales with a customized customer experience? Maximize your mobile impact with MXOtech. Let’s talk.