What are the benefits of Agile web app development?

What are the benefits of Agile web app development?

Traditionally, software design took a monolithic approach whereby applications were designed, tested and then released only once they were one complete package. The problem was that changing business needs often prevented the finished product from being released in a reasonable timeframe. Consider, for example, how many times we’ve been forced to upgrade to a newer version of Windows over the past decade.

The agile methodology represents a major departure from the traditional approach to software and web development by enabling continuous improvement and adaptation. In other words, it presents a way to finish projects quickly and ensure developers are always ahead of the next update. That’s a big advantage in the fast-paced world of corporate IT, but it’s not the only one.

Increased Quality Control

Any company that has decided to invest in app development has specific requirements. If another application could get the job done, that would be the cheaper -- and potentially smarter -- option. This is particularly the case when it comes to web-based or mobile applications, which often need to be customized to include special services and branding.

With the agile methodology, you don’t just draw up a proposal and wait for it to be finished – you’re involved in every step of the process. Developers like MXOtech will regularly check in to solicit feedback on the direction of a product and make small course corrections early on, rather than catastrophic changes later in development.

Greater Productivity and Morale

Involving stakeholders earlier in the app development process also shortens turnaround times. IT technicians and business owners speak completely different languages, but with the agile methodology each party gets to provide feedback on finished pieces. Each piece makes the final picture a little bit clearer and encourages everyone involved to start the next.

Stakeholders spend less time twiddling their thumbs wondering what’s happening with their project, and developers spend less time second guessing if they’re on the right track -- it’s a major boost in productivity and morale.

Reduced Risk

The piece-by-piece nature of agile project management and application development means it’s impossible to end up with unnecessary features and or a bloated final product. With the old way of doing things, it was common for developers to spend countless hours working on something that didn’t make it into the final product.

Regular meetings between developers and stakeholders ensures everyone always has the same end goal in mind. With the agile approach, there’s more accountability, more accurate timelines, realistic goals, and greater customer satisfaction.

Faster Return on Investment

Initial drafts are never going to be perfect, but that’s just part of the process. An agile approach gives stakeholders the opportunity to offer feedback quickly and keep the operation going in the right direction. Furthermore, it’s possible to start onboarding users right away, which means a faster return on investment. Instead of having to wait, for example, six months for a full software package to be built, tested, and released, you might request early access to the most important features, which will continue to receive updates and upgrades. In other words, with agile, you can start profiting almost immediately.

Better Product Quality

Incremental releases and ongoing feedback give stakeholders more control, less risk, and early access to project features, but most importantly it leads to superior finished products. Agile software development works rather like a service, in that it involves continuous improvement and predictable costs, rather than having everything developed and tested up front and just hoping for the best.

This standardized methodology encourages “clean coding” and regular appraisals right from the outset, there’s no doubting that the agile methodology is the way to go. It makes project proposal smoother, progress updates more valuable, and finished products more profitable.

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