The struggle is real: why software solutions often suck

The struggle is real: why software solutions often suck


By: Sean Blair, Chief Technology Officer at MXOtech

Business owners, managers, and employees are often frustrated by the software they engage to do their jobs. Do either of these sound familiar? “This expensive accounting program I bought takes me ten times as long as it would with my old process,” or “I bought this system used by everyone in my industry, but it takes me three times as long to use it than my manual process! Plus, it crashes!” If so, you’re not alone.

The struggle is real. Many businesses end up boxed in by solutions they paid a lot of money for only to end up working for the software instead of the software working for them.

To be fair, this experience often happens because these solutions are not configured correctly or being used properly. This could be caused by of lack of training, poor documentation, poor support, or even a lack of organizational willingness to adopt a solution. As the leader of an organization it is tough to know where the true cause of inefficiencies lie. Is it the software or is it how the organization has adopted the software? You might be asking yourself, “Are we using this right? Is the software boxing us into a corner that is costing us business?”

Unfortunately, this is a very common experience. First, gaining adoption for use of an application across an organization of any size is often difficult. People have conflicting priorities and differing ideals regarding how business should be conducted. Secondly, business applications are often developed by a firm with a particular view of how applications should be developed for an industry. Often it is only marginally compatible with how your business operates, even if you are in the same industry. Lastly, some solutions are just unstable and poorly written.

The inefficiencies and frustrations with the software is often evident, but tolerated simply because you don’t know who can help or because you’re just too darn busy to deal with it. Problem is, using an application that you are struggling with is more than just annoying – it’s a waste of your time and resources and it’s keeping you from growing your business. Your technology should be serving you – not the other way around.

If you are wondering if you have the solution you need, or if something is wrong with your process, then contact MXOtech to help you. We make it our business to understand what technology solutions will help you achieve your business goals. Our Business Process Improvement Assessment will uncover the real issues surrounding your systems and processes. These assessments are a 1-2 week engagement where our consultants work with your team to learn your processes, systems and challenges. We’ll interview your team, audit your solutions, and work with your vendor to create a roadmap that you can use to gain the efficiencies that your systems should afford you.

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