How I won this Porsche

How I won this Porsche


By: Joanna Mirov - Author, Speaker & CEO/Founder of MXOtech

When I decided to share my story at a technology marketing conference, I never imagined I would inspire so many people, become the spokesperson of the year and win a Porsche. I love driving the Porsche but my real success was overcoming my fear of presenting on stage. I challenged myself, I spent countless hours preparing, practicing and thinking about my 12 minute presentation. It needed to be concise, compelling, and inspiring.

Here are my 7 tips for creating a memorable and winning presentation:

  1. Tell a compelling story. Just like any good book, you need a beginning, middle and end. Keep it simple and focus on your key points.
  2. Connect with the whole room (people you know and the ones you don’t). Speak to everyone in the audience as if they are your grandmother, child, peer, or mentor.
  3. Have meaningful visuals. I'm not talking about a power point, a tangible item you can hold in your hand that represents the message you are trying to get across.
  4. Use analogies. It's easier for people to remember ideas and concepts if you can relate it to something simple that they already understand.
  5. Have key take-a-ways for each point. What's the one thing you want to highlight that everyone will remember from your story?
  6. Build connections before you present. People will listen and relate to someone they already know or have heard about.
  7. Speak from your heart and be yourself. There is no one else like you. Be yourself because the passion will come out.

I have a passion for helping people achieve their dreams. Whether it’s supporting other entrepreneurs, helping her clients grow their business through technology, or assisting in staff development – I truly care about helping others reach their goals.

That’s why I enjoy sharing my experiences through public speaking. Interested in having me come to your conference or symposium, or participate in a panel discussion or interview? Details at