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MXOtech creates world class applications to enable you to deliver the content you want your customers to consume.


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Web Applications


Fully customized web application built using Microsoft MVC

MXOtech uses modern coding patterns and practices to ensure that application maintenance and updates are painless. These patterns also provide maximum reuse and flexibility so that your application is cutting edge for years to come.


Built to
your specification

MXOtech utilizes a highly collaborative project management process that ensures you see actual working components of your code often while the project as a whole is being completed. This ensures the final deliverable will meet your expectations and be delivered on-time and on-budget.


or hosted

MXOtech offers either on-premise solutions or hosted solutions. Hosted solutions are developed, implemented, and maintained by MXOtech and can include help-desk services as needed.



Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

EMR and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) contain data that can be used for analysis in quality improvement initiatives for healthcare organizations, case management, modeling and reimbursement for healthcare organization such as healthcare insurers, hospital systems, and accountable care organizations.

Healthcare Portals

MXOtech offers customized healthcare portal solutions for complex case management, HEDIS measures, patient and provider transactions, and management of EDI transactions for healthcare insurers, clearinghouses, and provider organizations.

  • Collaborative Workflows
  • Patient and Provider Engagement
  • Security
  • Analytics

Energy and Utilities


MXOtech develops customized portal applications to display usage and other customer data for energy and utility companies. These customized portal solutions can be used in demand reduction or time-of-use programs or simply to educate customers on energy consumption habits.

Energy and Utility Portals

MXOtech offers customized portal solutions for energy and utility companies to display consumption data, pricing data, and other data to help customers manage their energy consumption. These portals can be leveraged for time-of-use pricing and demand reduction programs.

  • Collaborative Workflows
  • Security
  • Analytics

Focusing On Improving Your Business Processes

In order to grow successfully there must be an EVOLUTION — and at MXOtech, we recognize that technology powers the progression of growth. Our focus is to advance with your operations, so as your business processes evolve so will our technological solutions.

Whether it’s managed IT services or application development — or a combination of both — your technology needs are our top priority. Our experienced team of technology thought leaders, engineers, and software developers represent the best in Chicago and the region, as evidenced by the award-winning performance of our business models and business strategies. MXOtech leverages technology to propel your operational performance and profitability through solutions that drive growth and efficiency.